siNUsoid v2.0
NIIT University

Neemrana Rajasthan

02 November 2018 - 04 November 2018

siNUsoid v2.0

Event Description

Do you think with rising technology the future is bright? Yes? Witness one of the fastest growing and largest emerging Tech fest in and around Delhi-NCR and Jaipur region-SiNUsoid v.2.0. Participate in Hackathon if you have what it takes to code day and night to solve a problem. Dive deep into the world of robotics and feel the adrenaline kick-in watching your robot win a race or a match of soccer. Quench your thirst of curiosity by attending various workshops. Here is no stone unturned for the tech geeks, with competitions like Abstruse, ErrorStack, Mr.Googler and many more, here is something for everyone. Witness and believe that the science of today is the technology of tomorrow.

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Computer Science and Engineering
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • BioTechnology
  • Robotics & AI Engineering
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Technical
  • Literary
  • Conference
  • Workshop
  • Online
  • Robot Participation
  • Startup-Events
  • Workshop-Training
  • Hackathon

Event Organizers Details

Anubhav Paul,

student convener,

contact no: 9862273625,


Facebook Link

Rahul Poddar,

student convener,

contact no: 8910398749,


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