GIAN Course on Dynamic Modelling 2018
IIT Delhi

Delhi Delhi

10 September 2018 - 14 September 2018

GIAN Course on Dynamic Modelling 2018

Event Description

Proper collection and disposal/treatment of stormwater and sewerage is of prime importance in maintaining

the quality of life by minimizing hazardous or nuisance floods and human health impacts and sustaining

healthy water resources. Modelling is an extrem

ely important tool in this regards from planning to detailed

design stage for existing and new water systems specially to simulate complications from increased

urbanization, population growth as well as climate change.

Stormwater Management Model (SWMM)

is a dynamic hydrology


hydraulics water quality simulation

model that have been used throughout the world, for planning, analysis and design related to stormwater,

sewerage, and watershed systems over 40 years. SWMM is a public domain software maintained

by the

United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) but continues to undergo refinement and

enhancements with user support. PCSWMM is a spatial decision support system for SWMM5. While

completely compatible with SWMM5 it provides intuitive and us

er friendly features that allow users to

setup, parameterize, calibrate, run and infer results for stormwater, sewerage, and watershed systems.

This workshop covers introduction to SWMM5 and PCSWMM, fundamentals of SWMM

hydrology/hydraulics and modelling p

rocedures (discretization, parametrization, sensitivity, calibration,

error analysis and inferring results) for stormwater, sewerage and watershed systems. It is focused on a



on approach providing practical experience starting from new drainage syste

m design, system

evaluation using multiple design storms, dual


drainage (major/minor) modelling and design, detention pond

design for mitigation of peak flow and extends to cover more advanced topics such as water quality,

watershed floodplain analysis, Lo

w Impact Developments (LIDs), and SWMM5/PCSWMM integrated 1D


2D modelling. The workshop also exposes attendees to the various GIS and time series analysis tools

available in PCSWMM including watershed delineation/parameterization tools and frequency analys

is tool.

The overall goal of this workshop is to familiarize attendees with SWMM hydrology and hydraulic

modelling to build a model, evaluate, calibrate and infer results and increase their confidence to explore

SWMM/PCSWMM modelling environment further.

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  • Civil Engineering
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Prof. Dhanya C.T.,

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