Bengaluru Karnataka

22 November 2018 - 25 November 2018


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The theme for ILMUNC India this year will be Non-State Actors and Their Role in Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. It is becoming increasingly important to acknowledge the influence that corporates, media organizations, lobbyists and other interest groups have in the sphere of international relations. Foreign policies of nations now reflect economic and security interests that are favored by home-grown conglomerates or powerful civil groups. As these forces become increasingly vested in each other on the global forum, it begs the question: How will the broader idea of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) be affected?


These 17 goals spanning diverse socioeconomic issues were created by the United Nations as part of a global development agenda by 2030. Ever since their creation, there has been increasing push for the private sector to bring solutions towards this end. On one hand, there is the possibility of finding common ground on fundamental issues as well as opportunities for innovation, inviting greater participation from the private sector. On the other hand is the risk of deteriorating international cooperation, as private interest groups push governments to promote their own goals, ignoring the ethos of the SDGs. Finding a positive role for non-state actors in the international order is thus an urgent need to maintain sound global governance and move towards achieving sustainable development targets by 2030 and well beyond.


ILMUNC India serves as a platform for students from all around the world to discuss, debate and find solutions for some of the most pressing issues that the world faces today. Our committees focus on a wide range of topics, from economic issues, to humanitarian problems, to security threats, and even simulate futuristic committees. The goal of ILMUNC India is to encourage progress in society and inspire constructive solutions amongst students who will shape our future. We strive to simulate discussions in a realistic environment to ensure that our delegates understand the complexities of international affairs and the workings of entities such as the United Nations. With some of the most experienced staffers in the world, we at ILMUNC India strive to bring our delegates an intellectually enriching, culturally engaging, and personally enthralling experience through an extremely unique platform.

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