National Level Seminar on Smart Sensors in Healthcare Applications 2018
Kongu Engineering College

Erode Tamil Nadu

30 August 2018 - 31 August 2018

National Level Seminar on Smart Sensors in Healthcare Applications 2018

Event Description


Smart or intelligent sensors have played an important role in different industries. In the recent years, research on smart medical sensors is gaining increasing attention for health screening, diagnosis, monitoring, and treatment purposes, such as glucose monitoring, cancer screening, and automatic drug delivery. The coupling of sensor technology with nanotechnology, microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), flexible electronics, smart phones, and wireless sensor networks are providing great opportunities for improving health care. This seminar will review new technologies, products, and research in medical sensors and their applications in improving health care efficiency. It will especially focus on the research of portable, non-invasive, smart breath sensors, which are becoming increasingly desirable for monitoring and detecting different diseases. The successful research and development of new medical smart sensors will rely on collaborative efforts from multidisciplinary teams, of which the role of research in industrial engineering will be presented.

In many industries, sensors have played a vital role in detecting chemical, biological, physical signals etc. In healthcare, to deliver care directly to patients sensors provide the mechanical vision for reading, counting, sorting & robotic guidance. In this seminar, we are going to explain the role of Role of sensors in healthcare, its technology, and applications etc in detail.




?         New sensor materials and technologies for medical applications

?         Printed, flexible, biodegradable and biocompatible electronics

?         Sensor devices and sensor arrays

?         Nano sensors

?         Electrical and thermal-based sensors

?         Wearable and implantable sensors for biomedical applications

?         Remote sensing systems for healthcare

?         Novel electronics for brain activity monitoring

?         Sensors and Systems for Brain Computer Interfaces

?         Implantable Neural Sensors for Brain Machine Interface

?         Exhaled Breath Sensors

?         Sensors and Systems for Physical Rehabilitation

?         Smart Sensors for Health and Environment Monitoring

?         The Role of Sensors in IoT Medical and Healthcare Applications

?         Future of Healthcare: Sensors Technology


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Major Dr.P.S.Raghavendran ,

faculty convener,

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Mr. R.Karthik Kumar,

faculty convener,

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faculty convener,

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