Annual Conference on Green Catalysis and Sustainable Energy 2018
Avignon University

Dubai Dubai

15 November 2018 - 16 November 2018

Annual Conference on Green Catalysis and Sustainable Energy 2018

Event Description

Me Conferences invites all the scholars, researchers from all over the world to attend and present
their respective scientific research at “Annual Conference on Green Catalysis and Sustainable
Energy” held November 15-16, 2018 at Dubai, UAE which includes prompt Keynote presentations,
Oral talks, Poster presentations, Delegate views, and Exhibitions.
Green Catalysis 2018 conference is all about providing a resourceful and knowledgeable ground for
the associates in the field of Green Catalysis Research, Green Chemistry Application, and Sustainable
resources in the latest generation. As the theme of the conference relates it serves as a global
platform to converse concerning the current developments, recent advances, new approaches and
future approaches in the field of Chemistry Research. Attempts are to provide a perfect stage to
share knowledge and experiences and encourage people to carry out effective researches and works
to combat against the Chemistry Research & its application. It is all about Inspiring and get Inspired!!
We have research expertise from different parts of the world coming to share their latest research
works in the field of Chemistry Research, Chemical Engineering science. And to inspire the young
minds we are glad to present a special category - The Young Researcher Forum (YRF).
Aim and Scope
Catalyst is playing a vital role in most of the chemical reaction. Catalysis is the centre face of
synthesis of any substance from academic research to industry. A variety of products such
as medicine, chemicals, fuels, polymers and many more which are highly useful for human need will
not be feasible in the absence of catalysts. Chemical industries widely use catalysis process.
Chemical Industries has exploited the catalyst to produce their required products. Traditional
catalysis process has many demerits such as:
? High cost
? It causes pollution to the environment
? Tough to separate from the product
? Ruined by impurities
? They poison the product some time
Green Chemistry and Catalysis
Green Chemistry provides an exceptional platform for the development of innovative research and
work on the development of alternative sustainable technologies.
These have led to the development of environmentally friendly and economical chemical processes
in chemical industries. Development in Green Chemistry has able to make the things easy. Green
chemistry also called as sustainable chemistry can be defined as process of chemical science and

technology which is utilized to manufacture different desired products with sustainable, safe, non-
polluting, consumes minimum amount of materials and energy and at the same time producing very

less or no waste. It reduces the use and generation of hazardous substances in the manufacturing or
application of any chemical product.
Green chemistry is an interdisciplinary subject, which combines chemistry, chemical engineering,
toxicology, and ecology. Development in Green Chemistry has led to the innovation of new catalysis
process which has high performance, economically efficient, and minimum consumption of
resources. This green catalyst has High performance not only with Environmentally Prospective but
also with economic efficiency and minimum consumption of resources. The application catalysis has
reduced toxicity.

Green Catalysis 2018 Conference purpose is to fill your head with the knowledge you can use: ideas,
new trends, amazing ingenuity. Our focus is on Sustainable Development and Green Technologies,
which we believe are foundational to the success of individual organizations as well as our cities,
states, nations, and world. Attendees come to Green Catalysis Conference to learn from experts in
their community and leave.
Target Audience will be personnel from both industrial and academic fields which include: -
? Green Chemists/Sustainable Energy Professional
? Chemistry Associations/Sustainable Energy Associations
? Chemical Industries/Sustainable Energy Development Industries
? Associate and Assistant Professors in Sustainable energy development, Green Chemistry,
Chemical Engineers, Biotechnology, Green Engineering, Environmental Science and
? Pharmaceutical Professionals
? Industrial Experts
? Industry Safety Officers
? CEOs, COOs, Directors, Vice Presidents, Co-directors, Managing Directors,
? Post-Doctoral and Researchers in Chemistry, Students from the related fields.

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