International Conference on “Emerging Trends and Transformation in Contemporary Society: A Global Futuristic Perspective 2018
Amity Law School

Noida Uttar Pradesh

09 August 2018 - 10 August 2018

International Conference on “Emerging Trends and Transformation in Contemporary Society: A Global Futuristic Perspective 2018

Event Description

Amity Law School Noida, one of the pioneer legal institutions in India, is organizing two days Multidisciplinary International Conference on "Emerging Trends and Transformation in Contemporary Society: A Global Futuristic Perspective" - 9th & 10th AUG 2018. This conference intends to bring together Academicians, Researchers, Professionals, Industry Experts and Enthusiasts to discuss and understand the intersection between society, its developmental enterprise and their global trends.


The proposed conference has been conceptualized to deliberate and take stock of prevalent global trends due to changes and development in societal structure and their relevance in various facets of humanities, law, technology, life sciences, religious and cultural studies, etc. This conference aims at providing a platform for academia for advancement and promotion in research in emerging areas.


Presenters from various academic streams are cordially invited to submit papers before 20th July, 2018. 





The present global world has emerged as a highly differentiated, multi-centred, and multi-layered societal stratification of global dimensions, an ecumenopolis which integrates all the people of the world. Changes in society led to the variation over time in the ecological ordering of population, communities in patterns of roles, social interactions and culture of societies. It exerts powerful influences on every aspect of our lives. Urbanization, globalization and changing norms of society are a few metamorphose of the new social trends.


The future roles of the global arena have identified a number of trends shaping roles and relationships in different disciplines. It is evident that substantial transition in the material world and its implications can be felt in various spheres of life.  The history of global trends reveals that the world has truly transformed since its various phases of feudalism, imperialism, colonialism, liberalism, socialism, globalization and sustainability. The concept of development took different forms in different historical periods and has produced changing sets of political, economic, social, legal discourses, its deliberations and their relative effects on each other resulting in recourses of opportunity, sustainability and development.


The proposed conference has been conceptualized to deliberate and take stock of prevalent global trends due to changes, development and relevance in different disciplines.




  • To assess the impact of changes in social structure in the global arena.

  • To establish sustainable development in present scenario.

  • To understand the philosophy and deep meaning of the theme of the conference.

  • To identify the factors responsible for changes in global society.

  • To embellish the understanding of the academicians, researchers, students and scholars in-depth understanding and philosophical multi-disciplinary contribution towards the knowledge building.  


The above objectives are sought to be achieved by having panel deliberations of eminent scholars from academia and discussions followed by paper presentations.







1. The Current Approach in History


  • Events in human life: the making of collective History

  • Role of history and tradition: surviving and thriving in times of change

  • History literature and influencing policies: past and present.

  • Economic History and Comparative Institutional Analysis.

  • Social transformation and the development of constitutionalism

  • Historical perspective of political change

  • Citizenship, Identity and Social History

  • Social work and sociology: historical separation and current challenges

  • Role of women in developmental history



2. Post-Truth Reality and The New Political Trend


  • Pluralism and the Politics of difference

  •  Reconciling individual liberty with Common Good

  • Idealism versus Realism in contemporary political system

  • Celebrity influence on Political Campaigns

  • International Institutions, Nations and World security

  • Media and propaganda in war and peace

  • Structural violence – a security threat

  • Consensus, Conflict and Power—paradoxes of Democracy

  • Socialism in Developing World

  • Parties, institutions and the politics of law and order



3. Post Modern Reflections of the Contemporary Society


  • Objectification of human body in advertisement

  • Culture and digitalization

  • New cultural forms: responses from World

  • Women, child and social change

  • Social protection and legal sanction

  • Development and change in the social structure

  • Socialization and personality development



4. References to Changes and Development in Global Economic Trends


  • Sustaining the Future-Globalization and Economic Development.

  • Global Economic volatilities and impact on National Economies.

  • Foreign Direct Investment and Foreign Institutional Investment: Global Growth Perspective.

  • Role of Public Policies for Socio-Economic Development.

  • Pathway Towards a shared future: Changing roles of Health Economics in a Globalized World.

  • Global Business ethics for Peace and Development.

  • Migration, Development and Economic Transformation.

  • Sustainable development and Rural and Social Transformation.

  • Role of Government Policies, Social Institutions and civil Society in development.



5. Legal Framework and Present Global Challenges


  • Land conflicts and the creation of new legal social trend

  • Social transformation: an interplay between law and social change

  • Rights and duties in the pursuit of social change: role of courts

  • Legal mobilization and challenges to present justice system

  • Convergence of law in contemporary development issues

  • Corporate criminal liability in the globalizing world: a means to achieve social justice

  • Legal regulatory mechanisms in the era of human cloning and designer babies

  • Global perspective criminal sanction and sentencing policy

  • Implication of virtual currency and global anti-money laundering governance

  • Assessing the trends, scale and nature of cybercrime



NOTE: The sub-themes are only indicative. Participants can present papers on other multidisciplinary subthemes, not indicated above but closely connected with the theme of the conference.

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