Multirotor TECHKRITI 18 IIT Kanpur 2018
IIT Kanpur

Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

15 March 2018 - 18 March 2018

Multirotor TECHKRITI 18 IIT Kanpur 2018

Event Description

The hobby industry is exploding with model aircraft, and multi-rotors are no exception. These fascinating aircrafts combine the flight characteristics of both a plane and a helicopter. This time Techkriti is giving you the opportunity to showcase your talents through Multi-rotor. Come meet some of the top Multi-rotor pilots, technicians, inventors and enthusiasts of the country at the Take-off Techkriti. Amaze the audience with your models and make this competition a great success with your performances. Let’s bring a revolution in Indian Aeromodelling technologies by changing the trends. You will be judged on both the aspects of a multi-rotor that is on the expertise of your flying skill and the stability of your bot.

The competition requires the participants to design and fabricate a VTOL Drone and perform a set of manoeuvers where it has to be passed through various obstacles and perform a payload delivery task.

There will be 2 rounds in the competition:

Round 1:

? This is a Qualifying Round (based on the completion time only).

Spot Landing:

  1. A model has to be landed over 9 circles of different diameters in a particular orientation which will be arranged in some order.

  2. Circles will be placed at a distance of 2 meters in both the direction (front/back and left/right).

  3. Circles are numbered according to their decreasing size. You have to start from the 1st circle and follow 1,2,3,...9 in succession without skipping any of them. The endpoint will again be the 1st circle.

  4. The 1st circle has the diameter of 130 cm, 2nd is of 120 cm, 3rd is 110 cm and so on till 9th being the smallest in diameter(50cm).

  5. When the model lands, it’s center should lie inside the circle to be able to proceed to the next in succession.

  6. In case the center of the model is outside when it lands, the model has to be lifted again and should be landed properly. This will go on until the center lies inside the circle.

  7. A specific number of teams with best completion times will go on to the 2nd round.


Round 2:

  1. The model has to successfully cross many obstacles and perform a payload delivery task.

  2. In each loop, the model has to lift a payload of 100 grams from one location (approx. 30 cms from the ground) and has to drop it at another location with a height difference of 1 meter.

  3. Time of 10 minutes will be given, complete as many numbers of loops as possible to score maximum points.

  4. One loop will carry a maximum of 850 points including 100 bonus points which will be awarded only if the model completes a loop without missing any obstacle and completes the delivery task.

  5. A penalty of -10 will be given if your multirotor touch any of the frames.

  6. A penalty of -20 will be given when model misses any obstacle.

  7. No penalty is given if the model is unable to perform the delivery task.


Scoring Criteria (Round 2):

  1. Each obstacle will carry specific point based on the complexity level.

  2. The successful delivery task will fetch you 200 points. No points for an unsuccessful attempt.


Obstacle No./Task












6 (Payload Delivery task)








Bonus Points


Total Points


Model Specifications:




? The maximum dimension between any two motor shafts of the vehicle should be lesser than 50 cm and greater than 25cm.

? Metal Propellers are not allowed.

? Any material can be used for construction.

? Arduino and other boards can be directly used. You may or may not use pre-programmed boards.

? Exchanging of models is strictly not allowed. Each team must have its own model.

? Throughout the event, in all the rounds only one model must be used.

? RTF models will not be allowed.


A team can consist of maximum 6 members. Students from different colleges can form a team.



? There will be no trial in the first round.

? You can have a short trial of 2 min before attempting the second round.

? Each team must have its own model. Exchanging of models is not allowed.

? You should not lift the bot to improve your position.

? Any failed attempt at landing (touch to the ground), which do not get you a point will lead to the end of the round.

? RTF models will not be allowed, however pre-programmed boards may or may not be used.

   Off the shelf frame and electronics can be used

? Already built frames can be used.

? No restriction on the material used in making the machine but metal propellers are not allowed.

? A team can use only one model throughout the event in all the rounds.

? The organisers reserve all rights to change any or all of the above rules.

? Changes will be highlighted on the website and will also be mailed to all the registered participants. However, you are suggested to keep checking the website regularly.



? Electric Sockets (220-230V) will be provided to the teams for charging the batteries, radio sets etc.

? We strongly recommend you to bring your own toolkit.

? To download the abstract, click here.
? Each team is allowed to submit only one abstract. In case of multiple abstracts, only the first abstract shall be considered. All the abstracts must be in .pdf/.doc format only. 
? All the abstracts must be mailed at 
? Send the abstract through the team leader only, with the same email id by which he/she has registered on the website. 
?The abstract should be sent with the subject: 'ABSTRACT_EVENT_TEAMNAME' Team name is compulsory and should be same in abstract and on the registration data on the website. 
? The team name is compulsory and should be same in abstract and on the registration data on the website. 
? The teams shortlisted on the basis of their abstracts will be notified through the mail. 


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