Skysparks TECHKRITI 18 IIT Kanpur

Event Description

The competition involves RC aircraft with electric motors. The competition provides a platform to compete for different flyers through a series of different rounds doing different maneuvers and showing their talent in flying like payload dropping, limbo flying and on spot landing. More than 200 people participated in Sky Sparks 16 which was sponsored by Boeing. The competition is launched with the vision to provide a unified national platform for students interested in aerospace and related engineering disciplines - to demonstrate their aero-modeling expertise.

The format of competition:
The competition requires the participants to design and fabricate a RC plane (no Readymade Planes are allowed) and perform a set of manoeuvers. Propellers, Motors, ESC, Servos, Receiver and Transmitter are allowed as off-the-shelf items. The event will be conducted at the grounds of the respective IITs and participants will need to bring their aircraft and all necessary equipment to this venue. The arena will be an open ground. There will be two rounds of the competition.

? Qualifier Round 
? Manoeuver Round 

  1. T/W < 0.75 (if excess thrust is found, it will be neutralized by adding weight below the plane at the centre  of gravity).

  2. Propeller diameter should not be greater than 10 inches.

  3. Battery weight should not be more than 120 gm.

  4. Only electrical motors are allowed. The use of IC engines or any other means of providing thrust is prohibited.

  5. Use of gyroscopes (gyros) and programming assistance in receivers is prohibited.

  6. One of the team members should fly the aircraft and another should call the stunts as they are performed (just before).

  7. Rules on Team structure:

  8. Maximum of 4 members in a team.

  9. Members of a team may be from same college/school or different (K-12/UG/PG).

  10. Any number of teams can participate from one college/school

  11. Professionals are not allowed. Only students can participate.

  12. Rules:

  13. Each team would be given 2 chances for each of the rounds and the best score is considered as per the scoring procedure mentioned above for each round.

  14. The timer will start from the moment the aircraft is in the air for both the rounds.

  15. Awards will be announced based on the performance of the teams in the Maneuver Round.

  16. General Guidelines for the Competition

  17. The use of 2.4 GHz radio is required for all aircraft competing in the competition. If the participants want to use any other frequency, they will have to inform the organizers in advance.

  18. A limited number of 2.4 GHz radios will be available with the organizers for use by the teams. Teams who do not have access to radios can inform the organizers in advance to request use of these radios.

  19. Receivers installed in the aircraft have to be in 'receiver mode only'.

  20. All the systems (Servos, motor, etc.) will be checked by organizers for functionality before the competition. If found not working, teams will be dismissed from the competition.

  21. The pilot can position himself at any point in the arena to fly the aircraft during the rounds.

  22. Metal propellers are not allowed.

  23. The models can have powered take-off with a landing gear or can be launched manually by a person standing at ground level.

  24. The plane should be built from scratch and not purchased models.

  25. A team member can’t be a part of more than one team.

  26. Teams can participate in more than one zonal event if they are not qualified for the finals already.

  27. Teams that claimed reimbursement in one zonal event cannot claim in any other zonal event in case they are participating in more than one zonal event.

  28. New members cannot be added to the teams who have been selected at Zonals to reach the Final Round.

  29. Bring your college/student I-Card at the time of competition.

  30. Any of the above-mentioned rules, if found violated, teams would not be allowed to participate in the competition.

Abstract submission: - 
? Click here to download the abstract 
? All the participants need to submit an abstract on their aircraft, which should be no longer than 15 pages (A4 size 1.5-line spacing) with standard formatting. The Abstract must document the basic design of the aircraft (dimensions, wing areas, velocity, etc.) and should also explain how their design is suitable for given problem.
? Along with the abstract, Participants also have to send a zip file containing at least 5 and no more than 10 photographs of the aircraft while it is being built.
? The Abstract and the zip file containing the photographs for teams participating in IIT-Kanpur Zonal round have to be sent by email to with the team details clearly mentioned in the email. The Team ID should be explicitly mentioned in the email subject as well as the filename for both Abstract and zip file.
? Send the abstract through the team leader only, with the same email ID by which he/she registered on the website. 
?Team name is compulsory and should be same in abstract and on the registration data on the website. 
? The teams would be shortlisted on the basis of abstracts.
? The abstract should be sent with the subject:
'< Eventname>_ABSTRACT_TEAMNAME' and all the files must be named as '< Eventname>_< Teamname>_< file number>'

  2. Participants are required to get a bona fide certificate signed by the respective HoD/Dean/Principal in addition to their school/college ID Card.

  3. National Competition
    1st Prize: Rs. 100,000
    2nd Prize: Rs. 50,000
    3rd Prize: Rs. 30,000

    At each Zonal Competition
    1st Prize: Rs. 50,000
    2nd Prize: Rs. 25,000
    3rd Prize: Rs. 15,00 

  4. And the rest 27 teams will be given Rs 5000 each.

    Certification by
    ? Boeing. 
    ? Techkriti 

    Merit Award recipients will receive additional Merit Certificates.

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student convener,

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Punit Meena,

student convener,

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