Techkriti Grand Prix TECHKRITI 18 IIT Kanpur
IIT Kanpur

Kanpur Uttar Pradesh

15 March 2018 - 18 March 2018

Techkriti Grand Prix TECHKRITI 18 IIT Kanpur

Event Description

‘If everything seems under control, you're not going fast enough.'  Mario Andretti 

How about a challenging race with your remote controlled vehicle? Taking sharp bends, zigzag curves on a rough road and jumping over planks, powered by a powerful internal combustion engine? Who says it’s only the silver screen that can witness the Fast and Furious!?
Gear up and start designing your childhood dream. Your very own Hot wheels!!
A golden chance to see your own creation set fire to the race track, experiencing the adrenaline as you watch it compete against others, win, lose and wreck. 
Satisfied already!? Let’s fuel the excitement to another level. A handsome prize money waiting for the winning ‘Beauty on Wheels’.
So here’s Techkriti Grand Prix, bringing to you a heart-pounding challenge for your engineering skills. Make it, risk it and speed away. to the ultimate pit stop. being the Numero Uno!!

Abstract Submission:-
? Abstract has to be sent to specifying the details of your RC car. 
? The shortlisted teams will be invited to Techkriti'17 to participate. 

On Campus Round:-
Day 1 
? Practice slots for the participating teams. 

Day 2 
? First round would be a time trial round This will be the qualifying session with each team getting 2 laps out of which the fastest lap will be considered.

Day 3
? The top teams from the qualifying rounds will make it to the second round in which multiple teams will race at a time. The top teams from this round will proceed to the semi-final round. 
? Top teams from the semi-finals would compete simultaneously in the final round.

?The maximum number of team members in a team is limited to 8. They may belong to different institutions. All team members must be presently enrolled in an academic institution and must carry their institute identity cards for event registration.
?Use of any component or mechanism in the car that could damage the arena or any other participating car would lead to immediate disqualification of the team. 
?Practice slots would be available to the teams on the first come first serve basis on only the day 1 of the festival. The time allotted for the same would be announced on the day of the event itself. 
?You are advised to get your slot as early as possible as the time given may be reduced as the day progresses depending upon the number of requests for practice slots and available time. 
?No request for practice slots shall be entertained after the first day. The slot, once allotted would not be rescheduled to a later time in any case. 
?Judges decision shall be treated as final and binding on all. 
?The coordinators reserve the rights to change any of the above rules as they deem fit. 
You are advised to regularly check the website for updates. 

?The maximum machine dimensions allowed are 800mm x 600mm x 400mm. 
?The machine should only be propelled by an IC Engine of maximum capacity 4.6 ccs. Other mechanisms such as throttling, braking, steering etc. can be controlled using DC motors and servos. The propulsion systems must not be based on DC motors. 
?It is mandatory to have an onboard power supply system to power the servos and at no point in time should the voltage of the power supply be greater than 13V. 
?The machine should be controlled by a wireless remote control mechanism throughout the race. The remote control must use a frequency of band spectrum 2.4 GHz to avoid frequency clash during the event. 
?It is mandatory to design and manufacture the following parts of the machine - Chassis, Steering mechanism (Heim joints and the steering rods), shock towers and suspension arms. You may also incorporate an anti-roll bar and impact attenuators (bumpers) for the safety of your vehicles in case a collision occurs. 
?Participants can use a ready-made braking system for their car. 
?Gears, differential gear, engine, springs, shock absorbers, servo motors (non-propulsion purposes only), batteries, wheels, wheel hub are allowed to be used as available in the market. 
?The machine must not be made from Lego parts, or any ready-made assembly kits other than the parts mentioned above. 
?Participants can also employ a cooling mechanism to keep their electronics cool. 
?Judging will be strict and the participant will be immediately disqualified in case their car is found to violate any of the above machine specifications. 
?In case of any doubt regarding any specification, feel free to contact any of the event managers. 
NOTE:- The Machine specifications are subject to relaxation.

Abstract Submission:- 
? Abstract has to be sent to specifying the details of your RC car. 
?shortlisted teams will be invited to Techkriti'18 to participate. 
To download the abstract Click here 


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