Upstart Pioneer TECHKRITI 18 IIT Kanpur

Event Description

The event “Upstart Pioneer” provides the platform where your startup can find its foundation. Apart from the capital, you can attract the attention and advice of the panel and not to forget, the immense networking, informal interaction and feedback from the judges. This contest aims at laying a carpet on your rugged road to establishing a big company by providing proper mentorship and guidance. Our vast network of venture capitalists, angel investors, incubation hubs and entrepreneurs who serve as mentors and incubators make sure you get connected to the right people in the industry. Certainly not an opportunity to be missed!

Phase I:
Submission of Executive summary.
All the documents should be converted to PDF and then mailed to with SUBJECT:'Event Name' Executive Summary,Techkriti'18 should be submitted in a single mail. Even if you want to submit any document later, attach all the documents in that mail.
Executive Summary Form 
Executive Summary Example 

Phase II:
Online Mentorship Program: A ‘14 days long’ intensive program where each team gets mentored by experienced entrepreneurs and venture partners.

Phase III(Final):
Closed door pitching in front of the reputed VC's and Angel Investors of India; 10-12 min presentation followed by QnAs.

Note: The Final Rounds will take place here at Techkriti and teams should come down to IIT Kanpur for the same on 15th March ’18.

  1. All participants are required to fill the Executive Summary Form.
  2. The Executive Summary should adhere to the format given and own versions should not be created. Participants not adhering to the format will be disqualified.
  3. Please study the Example Executive Summary to get an idea of the information that the teams are required to pen down on the form.
  4. A photo-identity proof has to be submitted for all the participants.
  5. All the documents should be converted to PDF and then mailed to should be submitted in a single mail. Even if you want to submit any document later, attach all the documents in that mail.
  6. Entries need to have an innovative value (an innovative idea provides a solution for a new need, or advancement compared to existing products, services or technologies).
  7. Any further change in guidelines will be mailed accordingly.

Note: Participants should follow the guidelines strictly. In case of any dispute, the final decision will be in the hands of Techkriti, IIT Kanpur.

  • Students (undergraduates and graduates) and professionals across the world are eligible to participate.
  • Individual participation is allowed however team participation is encouraged.
  • Entries must be the original work of participants i.e. team members competing must be the principal owners of the venture.
  • In case any kind of plagiarism is found, Techkriti, IIT Kanpur reserves the right to disqualify the team.
  • 1.Concept
    A. Originality of Idea
    B. Feasibility of the business model given the market opportunity and the venture.
    C. Scalability, in terms of the potential for growth and replication of the venture. Well-conceived implementation plan and timetable.
    D. Overall likelihood of achieving demonstrable results.

    Evidence of demand for the venture in the marketplace; market size and growth opportunity.
    The need of the product to society. (If this fills any gap, then what is it?)
    Demonstrated knowledge of target market
    Competitive analysis, SWOT analysis
    Marketing Plan addresses (wherever applicable): positioning, pricing, advertising, promotion, packaging, timetable.

    Performance Benchmarks
    Outline the development of systems to track, monitor and assess the performance milestones articulated in venture plan.
    3. Financial Aspects

    A. Fundability: The potential for the venture to receive financial support from additional investors/donors(including opportunities for funding from foundations, social venture funds, angel investors and venture capitalists)
    B. The rigor and feasibility of the venture's financial model and goals
    C. Potential for follow-on funding to grow the venture through self-sufficiency or profitability.

    4. Risk Assessment and Contingency Plans
    A. Identify risk factors associated with the enterprise and external environment. Develop a plan for mitigating them.
    B. Risk Management and techniques to be used in case of emergency threats.

    5. Demonstrated Leadership Ability
    Quantify venture leader's ability to develop people, promote change and achieve results.

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Shivangi Ranjan ,

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