2018 International Conference on Signal Processing & Communication
Jaypee University Of Information Technology


21 March 2018 - 23 March 2018


2018 International Conference on Signal Processing & Communication

Event Description

Signal processing is concerned with the representation, manipulation and transformation of signals and the information that they carry. It provides techniques for processing acquired time-series data for the purpose of efficient analysis and synthesis. Over the years, it has been developed to give great advancements in the areas of microchips, digital systems and computer hardware. The applications of signal processing are vast and interdisciplinary, ranging from engineering to economics and astronomy to biology. The research in many areas such as signal coding and denoising has paved the path for advancements. Recent decade has witnessed major revolution in communication and processing of digital media. As a consequence solutions to major problems in processing, transmission and reception have made signal processing an integral part of modern electronic systems.

There is a need to meet the ever increasing demand for providing a forum to scientists and researchers to discuss and put forward their ideas and research findings with the co?researchers from all over the world. This conference will provide an opportunity to highlight recent developments and to identify emerging and future areas of growth in these exciting fields. It will further give impetus to the researchers towards bringing out newer and efficient techniques. Keynote speakers with their vast research experience in various fields will arouse the researchers for development of signal processing and communication engineering. With the participation of so many experts, it is expected that this conference will help in meeting the future challenges.

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  • Electronics and Computer Engineering
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Mrs. Bhawna Gupta,

faculty convener,

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email-id: bhawna.gupta@jiit.ac.in,

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Electronics and Computer Engineering      

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