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Behold curious minds. Ever wondered how scientific or technological breakthroughs occur? Dreamt of interacting with minds who have brought new dimensions to conventions? Introducing the Guest Lectures of Excel 2017, all new with the theme “Discover|Define|Defy, lines”.

A line represents a path we follow. A path that defines us as we explore it. Focussing on new technical ideas and aspects, we bring in a set of diverse speakers who would enlighten us with their experiences on traversing these paths.

Day 1 : Discover: abhas

Explore the latest technologies and realise how each one of them can bring out a change. To discover the real shift that needs to happen to go from believing that you have some innate calling, something you were "meant" to do, to understanding that you create your own sense of meaning and purpose in life.

Speaker : ABHAS MITRA 

We proudly present, Mr.Abhas Mitra, an Indian astrophysicist, best known for his distinct views on various astrophysics concepts, particularly those  related to black holes and Big Bang cosmology. He is also credited by members within the scientific community to have resolved the black hole information paradox 13 years before Stephen Hawking.

A member of the International Astronomical Union, he is also associated with the Himalayan Gamma Ray Observatory being set up at Han Leh. A passionate lecturer, he currently works at the Homi Bhabha National Science Institute in Mumbai.

Mr Mitra sets a stellar example about serving one’s nation dutifully and his efforts in uplifting the scientific community in India to international standards are commendable.



Day 2 : Define:manishj

 Get to know the  latest innovations and get dissolved into them. Develop a  perspective on career objective, what one has to aspire to be and where one should hope to go in their work life. Taking in account practical and objective views, reflect a career dream as success follows a well thought out plan.


Manish Joshi is a proficient leader and a renowned personality in the field of Engineering drilling, with considerable experience in the oil and gas industry.

An IIT-Bombay alumni, Mr.Joshi has an impressive track record spanning over two decades and half a dozen countries, he was also actively involved in the drilling of one of the largest horizontal wells in Qatar. Currently, he is the Senior Product Owner at Baker Hughes,a GE company and leads a software development team, collaborating to create drilling engineering applications for the 21st century.

Across his illustrious career he has handled different positions relating to the field including that of a Surface logging Engineer, a LWD Engineer, a Geo-Steering Engineer and also that of a Directional Drilling Engineer. He is also one of the few industry experts who has managed all functions within Drilling Services.

Manish is a native of Mumbai, but delights in his time and stay in Cochin.


Day 3 : Defy: gaurisawant

A guide to venture into something out of the box. Giving up well off jobs to venture into the unknown or overcoming stereotypes that control our society is the leap of faith being glorified. Get to realise that life make or break moments which are hinged on the crucial step of “Deciding to Act”.


Abandoned by her family with no roof over her head, She knew the transition from Ganesh to Gauri was not going to be easy. The 37 year old transgender social activist Gauri Sawant, had to jump through various hoops to accept the woman in her. An icon identified by Vicks, her journey has been documented to demonstrate that care, love and a sense of family must go beyond class , gender and social stigma. She co-founded the NGO ‘Sakhi Char Chowghi’ in Mumbai, that has provided a safe space to all transgenders, hijras and men who have been forced into prostitution. 16 years down the line and with a team of 150, Gauri promotes safe sex practices and provides counselling to transgenders from the Mumbai suburbs. She was also the petitioner for the historic National Legal Services Authority (NALSA) judgement that was passed by the Supreme Court in 2013.

At Excel 2017, Gauri Sawant is the perfect epitome of courage and resolve who overcame stereotype that control our society. Under the theme of ‘Defy’, she will speak about the leap of faith that made her who she is!

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