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NIT Mizoram

20 October 2017-25 October 2017

Aizawl, Mizoram

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One -Week GIAN Course on Advanced Thermal Systems: Energy, Exergy and Economic Approach

Event Description


PG / Ph.D. Students, Faculty Members with research
focus in Thermal and Energy Systems Area
(Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering,
Energy Engineering)
? Consulting Engineers working in Thermal and
Energy Area
? Pre-Final / Final Year Undergraduate Students
(Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering,
Energy Engineering)

There is a growing interest for advanced thermal and energy
systems in recent years due to industrial development and
economic growth in many countries. In the present course, the
advances in fossil fuel based thermal and power generation
systems will be discussed. The Fluidized Bed Combustion
(FBC) Technology; Integrated Coal Gasification Power
Generation (IGCC) Systems; Experimental Investigations,
Measurement Techniques and Numerical Modelling of Heat
Transfer in Fluidized Bed Gasifier will be presented. Biomass
co-firing with coal and natural gas is also receiving attention to
reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The biomass co-fired power
generation systems, their analysis and advances will also be
discussed along with the developments in solar, biomass and
natural gas hybrid power generation and integrated thermal
The second law of thermodynamics is receiving lot attention
for the analysis of power generation and thermal systems. In
the course, the second law analysis of natural gas, coal and
biomass power generation systems will be presented. The
exergy analysis for thermal and power generation systems and
the role of exergy analysis in the design and development of
advanced thermal and power generation systems will be
discussed. The Exergy, Cost, Energy and Mass (EXCEM)
analysis will also presented. Exergy economics approach vs.
energy economics approach for thermal and power generation
systems will be discussed (state of the art and research status
in exergy economics area; contributions of exergy economics
to climate change and sustainability side; implications for
policy formulation). Exergy analysis for thermal energy
storage systems and district energy systems will also be
discussed. Future research directions in exergy area will also
be presented. Attending this course will be of great benefit to
the participants by familiarizing themselves with the state of
the art in energy technologies and planning long-term research

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Mechanical Engineering
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  • GIAN Course

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Dr. Abhijit Sinha,

faculty convener,

contact no: +91-9678847689,


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