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University of Rajasthan

23 November 2017-24 November 2017

Jaipur, Rajasthan

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National Seminar on Holistic Approach to Nutrition and Wellness

Event Description

Holistic approach to wellness is one that leads to living a meaningful life. It focuses on prevention of illness and achieving positive health. Wellness is a broad term and entails a number of dimensions like physical, mental, social, environmental, occupational and spiritual wellness. Each dimension of wellness is interrelated with another and is equally vital in the pursuit of optimum health. One can reach an optimal level of wellness by understanding how to maintain and optimize each of the dimensions of wellness. The broad aim of the Seminar is to have deliberations on this holistic approach to wellness. The concept of wellness is a process of working towards healthy choices to create a more balanced way of life. Wellness emphasizes on a shift from passive state to a proactive state in which the individual plays a vital role in promoting his/her own wellness. The wellness of a community is equally important, and requires a continuum of collective, social effort. Wellness is important not only because health is a public concern, but because it makes a decisive contribution to the larger goal of sustainable communities, comprising of healthy, happy and gainfully engaged people and hence, benefits the community. This seminar will focus on creating awareness about the concept of wellness, and the need for a holistic approach to achieve wellness for individuals, families and communities. It will provide an opportunity to the researchers of Home Science and allied fields to share their contributions in achieving the various dimensions of wellness

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Home Science
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Seminar

Event Organizers Details

Prof Anuradha Goyle,

faculty convener,

contact no: 9414335755,

email-id: ,

Facebook Link

Dr Mukta Agrawa,

faculty convener,

contact no: 9413901775,

email-id: ,

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