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Ahmedabad University

25 November 2017-26 November 2017

Ahmedabad, Gujarat

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Undergraduate Students Symposium and Workshop on Heritage Studies in Ahmedabad University

Event Description

Heritage is a broad umbrella term that encompasses a variety of aspects that we (humans) value. Though a popular and conventional reference would always be with grand monuments, the term heritage is equally applicable to vernacular buildings, settlements, archaeological and historic sites, cultural practices, knowledge and skills, crafts, music, performing arts, celebrations and festivals, natural features, biodiversity, and so on. In the growing academic literature, professional fields of practices, government initiatives as well as the global institutions like UNESCO, heritage is increasingly recognized as a broad term and a much needed basis for our future and sustainable development. Young students in any discipline today should have at least some level of sensitivity towards this concept which matters both in personal life and professional careers. Those who have built a passion and interest around the theme can actually develop a unique niche for themselves in future. However, there are not many opportunities for young students to explore this idea. The Undergraduate Students Symposium and Workshop series on Heritage studies aims to fill the gap. The programme aims to engage interested participants in dual goals of i) sharing their understanding of heritage, and ii) learning what is happening in the larger context in the arena of heritage.

This specific symposium cum workshop is organized by the Centre for Heritage Management at Ahmedabad University after a successful inaugural international conference on Heritage Management Education and Practice, with a theme this year (July 2017) on ‘Exploring Connections across Disciplines and Stakeholders’. The students symposium cum workshop is explicitly designed for undergraduate students across all disciplines with some interest in Heritage Studies. The inaugural edition of this students symposium is scheduled on November 25 – 26, 2017 at Ahmedabad University. The programme will coincide with the Heritage Week celebrations in Ahmedabad.

Who can participate?

Students currently pursuing any Bachelor’s degree programmes (preferably final year students) or recent graduates from various disciplines such as Archaeology, Design, Performing Arts, Management, Architecture, History, Science & Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences, Environmental Studies, Tourism, etc. Participants will also have the option of presenting their research/thesis/project/term papers related to heritage (this is optional but highly encouraged).


Last date to submit the online application form and Statement of Interest for participation (portfolio of presentation if willing to present in Symposium): October 6, 2017

Registration fee: Rs. 1000

(Limited scholarship available to cover partially the travel and accommodation costs. More information available on a later date.)

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Archaeology, Design, Performing Arts, Management, Architecture, History, Science & Technology, Humanities & Social Sciences, Environmental Studies, Tourism,
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Workshop

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