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IIT Indore

22 December 2017-24 December 2017

Indore, Madhya Pradesh

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MISP-2017 International Conference On Machine Intelligence And Signal Processing in IIT Indore

Event Description

The International Conference On Machine Intelligence And Signal Processing (MISP-2017) will be held at Indian Institute of Technology Indore, Indore, India, on December 22-24, 2017. This conference is meant for researchers from academia, industries and research & development organizations all over the globe interested in the areas of data mining, artificial intelligence, optimization, machine learning methods/ algorithms, signal processing theory and methods, and applications to human brain disorders like epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, sleep disorders etc. Other applications of machine learning and signal processing techniques are also welcome. It will put special emphasis on the participations of PhD students, Postdoctoral fellows and other young researchers from all over the world. It would be beneficial to bring together a group of experts from diverse fields to discuss recent progress and to share ideas on open questions. The conference will feature world-class keynote speakers in the main areas

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Mechanical Engineering
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Conference
  • Workshop

Event Organizers Details

Dr. M. Tanveer,

faculty convener,

contact no: +91 7324306599,


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