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Karpagam College Of Engineering

05 August 2017-05 August 2017

Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

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One-day National Level Workshop on “Next Generation Cyber Weapons” in Karpagam College Of Engineering Tamil Nadu 2017

Event Description

The Next Generation Cyber Weapons: Brain-Computer interfaces (BCIs) are designed to enable a direct connection between the brain and a computer. If you're already thinking about mind control, you're not far wrong. Even the movie Avatar, where humans remotely piloted a genetically engineered alien being, is closer than you might think. Attempting to fill the gap between automatic vacuum cleaners and true sentient machines, the burgeoning robotics industry has come up with a product that acts like a puppet allows a human operator to 'bind' with it, see what it sees, and replicate the exact movements of a human hand inside a sensor-filled glove. Efforts have recently begun to provide laboratory-validated BCI systems to severely disabled individuals for real-world applications. In this review, we discuss the current status and future prospects of BCI technology and its clinical applications. W e will define BCI, review the BCI-relevant signals from the human brain, and describe the functional components of BCIs. We will also review current clinical applications of BCI technology, and identify potential users and potential applications. Finally, we will discuss current limitations of BCI technology, impediments to its widespread clinical use, and expectations for the future.

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  • Information Technology
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R. Keerthika,

faculty convener,

contact no: 9952765070,


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