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IIM Bangalore

23 September 2016-25 September 2016

Abhayapuri, Assam

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The VC in You Management Fest in IIM Bangalore

Event Description

Be it Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, most billion dollar companies were just a crazy idea once. Do you have it in you to spot the next unicorn? Here is your chance to don the hat of a VC and find out for yourself! VC Society – The Venture Capital Society of IIM Bangalore, in collaboration with Vista, presents The VC in You, the first of its kind competition in any Indian Business School, which lets you sit on the other side of the table – ‘evaluating start-ups and negotiating investment terms’. Here is your opportunity to act like a Venture Capitalist in real life – it’s real because you judge and question ‘actual seed-funded start-ups’ and present your investment decision to ‘actual VCs’. Evaluating a start-up definitely has nothing to do with valuations, excel modelling or sector specific expertise. All it requires is sound business sense and some bit of logic | Register at:

The VC in You, an event by the Venture Capital Society of IIM Bangalore

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Master of Business Administration
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Management

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student convener,

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Rujhan Gupta,

student convener,

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