Akanksha 2016 Fest in Dr BMN College - Mumbai

Dr BMN College of Home Science, Mumbai

Organized By:

Dr BMN College of Home Science

19 August 2016-20 August 2016

Mumbai, Maharashtra

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Akanksha 2016 Fest in Dr BMN College - Mumbai

Event Description

Dr. B.M.N College of Home Science is a  multi-faculty institution,  centrally located in Matunga. Our College is one of the 7 institutions under the umbrella of Seva Mandal Education Society with a total population of more than 6000 students on campus. We have been organizing our Intercollegiate Festival 'Akanksha' for the last 18 years. This is an extremely popular event which draws a very enthusiastic response from a large number of colleges in Mumbai. Once upon a time, the Earth was blessed with lush greenery, deep blue waters and a vast expanse of blue sky with magnificently crowning mountains. But that was once upon a time. Today, the universe is losing its luster due to our habits & lifestyle. The once beautiful Earth can be restored only if we take the necessary constructive measures. Akanksha fest allows you to think deeper and bring in your creativity to study issues and also provides solutions to make the universe a better world and a living paradise.

Fine Arts

  • Umbrella Painting
  • New look with Recycled Material
  • Innovative Gift Wrapping

Literary Events

  • Green Post
  • Essay Writing
  • Self-Composed Poetry Writing & Recitation

Performing Arts

  • Duet & Group Dance
  • Antakshari
  • Fashion Show


  • Mock tails
  • Treasure Hunt
  • On the Spot Photography
  • Hair Styles
  • Rangoli

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Arts and Science
  • Home Science
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Cultural
  • Literary
  • Masti Events
  • Photography

Event Organizers Details


faculty convener,

contact no: 9930162696,

email-id: rikisha@bmncollege.com,

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