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Institute of Technology and Science ITS

18 November 2016-19 November 2016

Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh

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International Conference on "Computer Systems & Mathematical Sciences" ICCSMS - 2016 Fest in ITS - Ghaziabad

Event Description

Event Details:

It is witnessed that technology is changing rapidly and outpacing human ability to comprehend its advancements. Cutting-edge tools and techniques are outcome of advances and innovations in various fields of information technology. Collaborating technologies and streams are giving way to several smart approaches in computational techniques and applications. To extract the maximum benefit of it, there is a need to keep close watch on these advancements and understand these new next generation technologies, tools and applications in the field of information and computing technologies. It is indisputable that human lives, in entirety, are influenced by these technological upgrading whether it is in education sector, manufacturing sector or hospitality sector. Moreover, these advancements have revolutionized the way we do business and exchange information and ideas. Hence, it becomes necessary to keep our-self updated about the latest ongoing technologies.

With an objective to provide a competent forum to share, discuss and disseminate research work and applications resulting out of the above, among IT research community, Institute of Technology & Science (ITS), Ghaziabad is organizing its “International Conference on Computer Systems & Mathematical Sciences” on 18-19th November 2016 at institute premises.

The conference will bring academicians, researchers, practitioners and entrepreneurs on a sharing platform to create awareness about the next generation technologies in mathematical & computational sciences from India as well as from all over the world to share their innovative research ideas in these fields, thus, paving the path for future generation and converging effect of these technologies in the computing environment.

Events in Ghaziabad:

1. Inaugural Session
2. Key Note Sessions
3. Paper Presentations
4. Valedictory Sessions

Paper Presentation Topics:

Cyber Security & Cyber Laws
· Data Security
· Network Security
· Cyber Forensics
· Cyber Legislature

ICT: Applications, Uses and Its Societal Impact
· ICT Infrastructure and Services
· Cloud Computing
· Service Oriented Architecture
· Grid Computing
· ICT and Rural Development
· ICT and Public Distribution System

Database, Database Technologies & Data Science
· Databases
· Data Warehousing & Data mining
· In memory Databases
· Data Analytics

Next Generation Networks and Data Communication
· Next Generation Computing & Applications
· High Performance Computing

Software Engineering & Practices
· Agile Computing
· Software Testing
· Project Management
· Total Quality Management

Soft Computing & Human Computer Interaction
· Artificial Neural Network
· Fuzzy Logic
· Evolutionary Approaches

Human & Social Computing
· Social Networking Computing
· Collaboration and Communication

Latest Trends & Applications in IT (Big Data, Cloud Computing, Social Media, Grid Computing etc.)
· Big Data
· Cloud Computing
· Social Media

Convergence of ICT & Allied Sciences
· Bio-Informatics
· Nano-Science, Tele-Medicine

Disruptive Technological Trends:
· Smart City Projects
· Sustainable Computing & Green Computing
· Xtreme Computing & Production Models

Educational Technologies
· Virtual Classrooms
· On-line Education
· Digital Libraries & Resources

Mathematical Analysis and its Application
 Orthogonal Polynomials and Special Functions
 Analysis of Differential Equations (including Control theory, Fractional Calculus and Stochastic PDEs)
 Complex Analysis, Real Analysis and Functional Analysis
 Fourier and Wavelet Analysis
 Harmonic Analysis (including Potential theory, Harmonic Mappings and Quasi-Conformal Mappings)
 Inverse Problems and Non-linear Analysis
 Matrix Analysis, Operator Theory and Function Spaces
 Modern Methods of Summability and Approximation
 Metric Space and Topological Space
 Sequences and limits
 Fuzzy Sets and System

• Operations Research and Management
• Stochastic Process
• Inventory Management
• Optimization Techniques
• Operations, Logistics and Risk Management
• Non-Linear and Goal Programming
• Game and Queuing Theory
• Mathematical Modelling
• Fuzzy Goal Programming
• Control Theory
• Applied Mathematics
• Number Theory
• Algebra and Mathematical Logic
• Modern Algebra
• Linear Algebra
• Numerical Analysis
• Mathematical Physics & Mathematical Chemistry
• Integral Equation
• Calculus of Variation
• O.D.E. and P.D.E.
• Differential Geometry
• Discrete Mathematics
• Mathematical Astronomy

• Mechanics and Fluid dynamics
• Kinematics
• Mathematical methods in Continuum Mechanics
• Computational Mechanics and Engineering
• Bio Mathematics
• Probability Theory and Mathematical Statistics
• Descriptive Statistics
• Probability Theory
• Testing of Hypothesis
• Inference
• Multivariate Analysis
• Probability Distribution
• Correlation and Regression
• Econometrics and Simulation
• Econometrics Models
• Time Series Analysis
• Financial Mathematics and Computation
• Multiple Regression Analysis
• Dummy Variable Regression Models
• Auto Correlation
• Non Linear Regression Models
• Panel Data Regression Models
• Auto Regressive and Distributive Lag Models
• Simulation Models

• Applied Statistics
• Index Number
• Reliability
• Survival Analysis
• Vital Statistics
• Non Parametric Methods
• Sampling Applications
• Design of Experiment
• Environmental and Industrial Statistics
• Bio- Statistics

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Computer Science and Engineering
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Technical
  • Conference

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