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NIT Silchar

11 February 2016-15 February 2016

Silchar, Assam

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Event Description

Incandescence’16 (11th to 15th Feb)

(A brief preview)

 The Annual Cultural Fest of National Institute of Technology, Silchar, Incandescence is an emblem of Cultural extravaganza unprecedented ever and representing the 7 sister states of this diverse nation. It serves as a brand of art and cult seeing over a footfall of 15000+ till date since its inception in 2002.It gets bigger and better with every year and this year, with the theme of Incredible India, we might just call it a “Vintage Affair” for reasons you can just speculate on right now.

There is Paarbon from 11th-14th Feb, which was previously the anuual fest of MBA Dept. of NIT Silchar to add to the flavour of Incandescence. Paarbon has had the reputation of being one of the best managed entertainment affair in the entire NE.

Glitterati, which see scintillating display of designer merchandise donned by its very own students. You will feast your eyes for sure. It kick-starts on 12th  Feb.

Indie Lake is the first acoustic event to take place by the lakeside in the entire state of Assam. Never before, there has been an event that encompasses music and nature simultaneously. The sunset, the lake, the silhouettes and the lush green grass. Each and every element of Indie Lake is a major crowd attraction and the same can devoured on 13th & 15th Feb.

We can master our common destiny only if we face it together and that, my friends, is why we have the United Nations. Feels like it is time to suit up and get ready for the cross play of the ignited minds. Incandescence’16 presence before you NITS-MUN from 12th -14th Feb.

Everyone will agree, Nirvana for all the metalheads of the Country comes to NITS’ campus this February. Of date, Thundermarch boasts of Indian bands like Parikrama as well as overseas' with the likes of Tacit Fury of the yesteryear that have already left the world spell-bound. Beware of the headbangs though on the night of 14th Feb.

The night dedicated to the nth degree to quality music is the Carpediem Night on 15th Feb. Here, one can find some of the biggest contemporary stars of today performing for us live. The gorgeous “singing diva” Jonita Gandhi made her presence felt last year.

The eminent personalities like Dr. Kumar Vishwas, Rivaldo entertained all throughout the night the previous year. NITS assures the same this time .You can now get ready for the Comedy and Dj Nights on 13th Feb.

The Dance Module, Natraaj of Incandescence has already seen the likes of Harihar Dash, acclaimed Dance India Dance fame performing for the audience live and himself acting as the judge of the mentioned event. So, one can easily expect a lot more entries this year which will be happening from 13th-15th Feb.

Deprador, on the 12th Feb will be a lifetime opportunity to witness and also participate in some intense debating at its peak, among the best of debaters across the region.

Incandescence also presents its School module, Razzmatazz which sees over 1000+ students from in and around the region participate and win in various scholastic as well as amusing competitions every year. 14th -15th Feb will be the time when it will go on floor.

Director's Cut is an online short film submission competition organised by the very boisterous Dramatics Club. It’s arriving on 12th Feb. In addition to all these, there are a lot more fun events like Zorbing, Prom Night, V-Warz, Street Painting, Street Plays, Body Building Competition to cater to the tastes of the audience.

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  • Annual Cultural Fest-NIT Silchar
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Md. Faisal Karim,

student convener,

contact no: 09706554448,


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