Spoorthi 2014 JNTUH Technical Cultural Festival
JNTUH College Of Engineering

Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh

14 March 2014 - 15 March 2014


Spoorthi 2014 JNTUH Technical Cultural Festival

Event Description

Spoorthi 2014 is a Techno Cultural Festival Organised by:

JNTUH College of Engineering, Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh

Spoorthi 2014 dates:


Fest dates: 14th-15th March 2014

Spoorthi is the annual techno-cultural symposium conducted by the Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering, JNTUH CEH. Spoorthi was first started in 2004 as a technical fest and right from its inception, it has received immense response from engineering students from all over the state of Andhra Pradesh owing to the position of JNTUCEH as the topmost engineering college in the state.

Spoorthi offers a platform for students to compete with their peers from all over the state in a myriad of events that test their mettle and knowledge in the Electronics and communications engineering domain. Spoorthi tries to redefine innovation by adding more events every year to satisfy the enthusiasm of the participants.

Spoorthi means ‘Inspiration’ in Telugu and true to its name, Spoorthi has been continuing to inspire the students to transcend beyond their imagination year after year.

For further information , mail us at spoorthi@jntuh.ac.in

Spoorthi 2014 Technical, Cultural Events in Hyderabad :
The final list of event line up is :

1. Paper Presentation
2. Poster Presentation
3. Project Exhibition
4. Technical Quiz
5. Business Quiz
6. Technical Hunt
7. Grid Warrior
8. RF ID Tracking
9. Circuitrix
10. Movie Making
11. Mock Parliament
12. Workshops

Online events:

1. Photography contest
2. Technical Crosswords
3. Coding

and many on the spot and cultural events.

Spoorthi 2014 Co-ordinators Details:
Nikhil VVS: +918885395193
Vimal: +919642072747
Dilip R: +918688210230

How to reach JNTUH College of Engineering:
JNTUH CEH, Kukatpally

Spoorthi 2014 Event Departments:  ECE

Spoorthi 2014 Website: http://www.ece.jntuhceh.ac.in/spoorthi



















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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Technical
  • Cultural

Event Organizers Details

Pandu Vimal,

student convener,

contact no: +919642072747,

email-id: vonemfourl@yahoo.in,

Facebook Link

Dilip R,

student convener,

contact no: +918688210230,

email-id: ,

Facebook Link

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