Conscientia 2014 IIST | Technical Festival
Indian Institute Of Space Science And Technology

Trivandrum Kerala

28 February 2014 - 03 March 2014

Conscientia 2014 IIST | Technical Festival

Event Description

Conscientia 2014 is a Technical Festival Organised by: Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, Trivandrum, Kerala

Conscientia 2014 dates:
Fest dates: 28th February - 3rd March 2014

Conscientia is the Annual Technical and Astronomy Festival of IIST offering various challenging events in different fields of engineering and science including aerospace engineering electronics, computer science, mechanical engineering, robotics etc.
It also features guest lectures and talks by renowned personalities and industry experts.
In addition to these, various workshops related to emerging technological fields and trends will be conducted by reputed organizations during the fest.
The sixth edition of the extravaganza starts on 28th of February this year and will continue till 3rd of March.

Conscientia 2014 Technical, Symposium Events in Trivandrum :
The fest events comprise of a multitude of themed events. Complete details are available at the Conscientia website

Conscientia is organizing 3 workshops during the fest (28 Feb. - 3 Mar.,2014) and 1
workshop post-Conscientia(8-9 March, 2014)
 Raspberry Pi Workshop by Inventrom
 Quadrotor Workshop by Roboversity
 Ethical Hacking Workshop by Rlabz
 RC Plane Workshop by Aerotrix (Post Conscientia) along with Aerotrix Super Challenge @
Conscientia, IIST.

For further details visit Workshops Section at or contact workshop
coordinators at the numbers given below.
Contact: Anvesh V. - +918547741263
Ram Sukumar - +918547741248

The fest events comprise of a multitude of themed events. Complete details are available at
the Conscientia website (
 Aprimith – Astronomy Quiz, Astro-Poster-Making, Stargazing
 Bot in the Act - Line Follower, Amphibot, Bot-Fight
 Paripath – Electronics, Digital/Analog Circuit Design, Electronics Quiz
 Mechamorphosis – Contraptions, Junkyard Wars, Assembly/Dissambly, Ice-Cream Stick
Bridge Making, Machinist, Hydraulic Arm
 Vihang - Flight and Rocketry - RC Plane,Water Rocketry etc.
 Cyberia - Online Treasure Hunt, Chain Quiz,coding (C++ and Matlab) and many more.
 Philosophae Naturalis – Science in the Act, Paper Presentation

For further details visit the Events Section at or contact events
coordinators at the numbers given below.
Contact: Alok Jejusaria - +918547702687
Sarthak Garg - +919567721040

Conscientia 2014 Co-ordinators Details:
Accommodation facilities are available on-campus for the duration of the fest.
For hospitality related queries
Contact: Chandan Kumar - +918547741256
Shirisha Betha - +918547741254
For any general queries feel free to contact the Publicity Team and we will provide you with
all/any information regarding the fest.
Contact: Abhishek Bhaumick - +918547741337
Jaya Krishna - +918547678524
Facebook Page:

How to reach Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology:
The main campus, planned in the picturesque location in Valiamala is located about 18km from Trivandrum Central Railway Station.

Conscientia 2014 Poster Link:

Conscientia 2014 Event Departments:

ECE  EEE  Mechanical  Aeronautical  Aerospace 

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Technical
  • Workshop
  • Seminar
  • Paper/Poster Presentations

Event Organizers Details

Abhishek Bhaumick,

student convener,

contact no: +918547741337,


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