Udgam 2018 In a Nutshell Elevator Pitch Competition IIT Guwahati
IIT Guwahati

Guwahati Assam

19 January 2018 - 21 January 2018


Udgam 2018 In a Nutshell Elevator Pitch Competition IIT Guwahati

Event Description


Looking for a platform to pitchup your startup idea ?
Bring out the idea inside your head to the real world and make it into reality. Udgam , 2018 presents to you an online pitch up competition - " IN A NUTSHELL "encouraging participants to present their idea in form of a video of 90 sec and prove your startup idea to the world. Innovate Compete Inspire

Rules and Regulations

  • Pitches must be no longer than 90 seconds. Pitches will be hard stopped at the 90 second mark. Time begins when the presenter begins speaking.
  • No visual aids, index cards, slides, or props may be used during the pitch.
  • There are no specific requirements for the content of the elevator pitches. Contestants should consider the overall presentation including content, delivery, and impact.
  • One team can submit ONLY One Idea.
  • You have to upload the video on google drive and submit the link

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Science, Technology, and Society
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human-Resources
  • Leadership
  • Strategy & Innovation
  • All-Management
  • Networking
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Startup-Events

Event Organizers Details

Siddharth Agarwal,

student convener,

contact no: 8478004577,

email-id: convenor@udgam.org.in,

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