IJBS 2018 Indo-Japan Bilatera Symposium on Future Perspective of Bioresource Utilization in IIT Guwathi 2018
IIT Guwahati

Guwahati Assam

01 February 2018 - 04 February 2018


IJBS 2018 Indo-Japan Bilatera Symposium on Future Perspective of Bioresource Utilization in IIT Guwathi 2018

Event Description

On behalf of organizing committee, we are looking forward to welcome you during IJBS-2017 at IIT Guwahati.

The Northeast region of India is blessed with enormous biodiversity. This area is one of the richest biomass of the world, endowed with a wide range of ecological conditions ranging from low lying areas of Assam to Kanchenjunga of Sikkim. This part of India represents a wide range of forests ranging from tropical to sub-tropical, temperate to alpine regions. Forests of this region consist of a huge number of endemic plants and animals. People of this part have extremely indispensable knowledge about the utilization of plants and animals as food, medicine and other purposes. But information on bio-resource inventory is insufficient and lots need to be explored.

So this international  symposium will  bring together researchers in academia and industry, corporate, scientists, scholars, students, environmental organizations as well as policy makers on a common platform  and to encourage collaboration through research talks  and presentations  to put forward  many thought  provoking strategies sharing common agenda of efficient  utilization of bio-based resources and its conversion to  value-added  products  using  classical, molecular and other advanced  approaches  and also  discussing the  various opportunities and challenges in utilizing the various  bio-based resources. This symposium would also serve the purpose of spreading awareness amongst the young scientific fraternity of the Northeast region on bio-resource inventory, conservation and its utilization.

Scope of the Symposium

The symposium includes the discussion on the lines: Frontier in bio-resource in NER, Harnessing of bio-resource in NER, bio-industries and bio-based economics for further agriculture in NER, bio-based processing and production, Functional food, Food development and Agrofood science. The symposium will be dedicated towards comprehensive elaboration on production and processing of bio-based resources and their utilization. This symposium is planned to form a consortium among renowned academic institutions, leading industries and policy makers. The recent innovations and development of novel technologies in this field will also be discussed. It offers the best platform for academia and bio-based industries (small, medium and large-scale) to showcase their expertise, products, and technology innovations. The symposium is expected to benefit lot of young students, researchers, teachers and industrialists on the focal theme of “Indo-Japan Bilateral symposium on future perspective of Bio-resource Utilization” with special reference to Northeast India.

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Event Organizers Details

Prof. Vimal Katiyar,

faculty convener,

contact no: 96784 77401,

email-id: ijbs2k17@gmail.com,

Facebook Link

Prof. V S Ramgopal Uppaluri,

faculty convener,

contact no: 78961 23664 94401 0,

email-id: ijbs2k17@gmail.com,

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