SANKALP 2K18 Technical Fest 2018

Event Description
  • Sankalp, born in 2003, in association with ISTE students chapter with the motto of showcasing technical expertise, scientific thinking and innovation, has surpassed 13 golden years of creating an unmatched aura of spectacle years after years
  • Sankalp 2016, with its theme ‘VINTAGE 20th Century’ where you can get into the nostalgia of the ever changing technology and relive the era of 21st century, a period that shaped the future of the world
  • This year lets pay tribute to the time that made us believe that creator is not much different from us
  • ‘Our team of tangents welcome you to the tsunami of technobytes’
  • ‘A series of unique and challenging events to set abuzz the best brains.’ Now Sankalp to the whole new level ‘breaking all boundaries’ ‘brilliance magnified’ ‘now explore the unexplored’
  • ‘Coming from the past committing to people committed to the future 

Event Timing

Department                        Ticket Name                         Description

Fun & Other Events             Registration for event        This ticket is required for                                                                                                 participating in all the event.

Event Lists

  • Event Start Date - Fri, 09 Mar '18
  • Event start Time - 08:30 am
  • Event End Date - Sat, 10 Mar '18
  • Event End Time - 11:30 pm

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • All-Technical
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Technical

Event Organizers Details

Lavitra Kumar,

student convener,

contact no: 7008488809,


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