HORIZON 18 Cultural Fest in Nirma University 2018
Nirma University

Ahmedabad Gujarat

18 April 2018 - 20 April 2018


HORIZON 18 Cultural Fest in Nirma University 2018

Event Description

This year we break all barriers, unplug and unravel all pre-existing MYTHS. And promise to leave your senses stupefied, mortified and petrified.

Fest Events: (A)Dance
1. Rhythm : This will be a group dance competition.
2. Just Dance: This will include solo dance performances.
3. Two To Tango: It will include dance performances in a pair.

4. Raaga: Solo Singing Competition
5. Duet Singing: Duet Singing Competition
6. Instrumental: This will include participants playing their favorite musical instrument.
7. Head Banger’s Ball: Band Competition

(C) Film Fiesta
8. Lights Camera Action(Short Film Making): Contestants will participate in a team of 4-10 and will make a Short film based on a theme and will be required to submit the cd of the same. The Short listed movies will be shown on the day of the event and judged accordingly.

9. NukkadNatak: Street play. This will include performance of drama outside the auditorium without any stage on a social issue.
10. Radio Nautanki : Radio Nautanki will give chance for all the participants to be a radio jockey and extrapolate their impromptu speaking skills and their creativity.
11. Nirma Talkies: This event will include contestants enacting the spoof of a particular movie.

12. World through a Lens: It is a theme based photography competition which will judge the photography skills of the participants. The best clicks will be shortlisted for exhibition.
13. Horizon Photography: This will include the participants capturing the picture of horizon’13 for all the three days. The best clicks will win.

(F)Charades Zone
14. Dumb Charades*
15. Taboo Charades: One of the team members will be given a word which he will have to describe it to the other members without using the taboo words.

(G)Arena: LAN Gaming
16. FIFA
17. NFS
18. CS

19. BatallaVerbale(Debate): A debate competition to seek out the best speaker with extraordinary oratory skills.
20. Just A Minute(JAM): Just a minute competition involves one contestant who is to speak on the subject topic for 60 seconds without hesitation, repetition or deviation. If the speaker falters, any other player can buzz in with challenge. Whoever is speaking at the end of 60 seconds is given the points.
21. Youth Parliament: A mock parliament, where each team will represent a state in the parliament and have a discussion on a current issue.
22. Penthalon: This involves three sub events which will test the writing skills of the participants.
a)Cat’O Nine Tales: A story writing competition, where a startup of a story will be given and the participants would need to complete the rest of the story their own way.
b)Love Letter Writing/suicide note writing: participant will be required to write a suicide note.
c)Reality Bite(Journalism): : An event based on Journalism and article writing skills of participants wherein participants will be required to write a report on any given topic

(I)Sports: The following sports will be conducted as a part of participants who are enthusiastic about sports. They will all be conducted on small scale and with various twists.
23. Rotaract Cup: 
24. bug house chess: 
25. Volley Ball
26. table tennis
(J)Fine Arts: This will include various designing and creative art making competitions which will include the following sub-categories:

27. Poster Making
28. Minimal Poster Making
29. Nail Art
30. T-shirt Painting
31. Sketching
32. Face Painting*
33. Glass Painting
34. Tattoo making

(K) Ramp Burn (Fashion Show): A fashion show, showcasing the different creativity and talents of students which will let the participants extrapolate and bring out the best of fashion and become the style icon.
(L) Best Of Horizon
35. Mr&Ms Horizon: A talent hunt competition, which will test the general dancing,singing, mimicry and other on stage talents of a participant.
36. Pirates: It will be a treasure hunt across the entire Ahmedabad City.
37. Amazing Race: It will be similar to the reality show and will include tasks to be performed by participants. They will be amalgam of sports tasks, tasks pertaining to literary skills and mental ability.
38. Richie Rich: A management event where participant will be subjected to various tasks of earning virtual coins and efficiently utilizing them to have the greatest value of their assets.
39. Hogwarts Hunt: It will be similar to the movie Harry Potter where the contestants will be divided into four groups and will involve various competitions based on which the best wizard of Hogwards will be declared.
40. Acumen: The participants will present their business plans based on certain products or services 
41. Moot Court:* An event to judge the advocatory skills of participants where participants will study a case and present it in virtual court room.
42. Event Reporting: Event judging the journalism skills of the contestant. Participants will be attending various events of horizon’13 and based on the interview of participants and audience, they will generate the report.

(N)Quizzing: Various quizzing events which will be based on the following sub categories.
43. General
44. Mela
45. Sports
46. Brandthalon+ Gadgets
47. Cartoon+SaasBahu
48. Bollywood (Open House) 

(O)Workshop (any 3) : The workshops are organized to benefit the students attending with some further in depth knowledge about the topics and their usefulness in outside world and applications. The following are the subcategories:

49. Dance
50. Calligraphy
51. Corel
52. Cooking
53. Guitar
54. Animation 
55. Entrepreneurship
56. Idea Implementation

Twitter Page Link: @horizon_rcni

Facebook Page Link: www.facebook.com/horizon.rcni

How to Reach the College: By BRTS(Bus Rapid Transport System) or Auto Rickshaw from Ahmedabad (Kalupur or Maninagar) Railway Station.

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • All-Technical
  • All-Management
  • All-Humanities-Arts
  • All-Science
Event Categories In This Fest:
  • Cultural
  • Entertainment

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