Short Term course on Supply Chain Integration Strategies and Technologies 2018
IIT Kharagpur

Kharagpur West Bengal

12 February 2018 - 16 February 2018

Short Term course on Supply Chain Integration Strategies and Technologies 2018

Event Description

The management of supply chain has become progressively more complex and challenging due to higher customer expectations for better service, higher quality, lower price, shorter lead time, demand uncertainty, an increase in product variation and shorter product life cycle. Supply chain integration helps in better achieving these objectives by enabling the network partners in sharing of ideas, information, knowledge, risks and rewards. Integration requires companies to work together as a unit, for meeting the common objectives. A supply chain can be thought of as the divisions of a large, vertically integrated corporation, although the independent companies in the chain are bound together only by trust, shared objectives, and contracts entered into on a voluntary basis. The integration process requires the disciplined application of management skills, processes, and technologies to couple key functions and capabilities of the chain and takes advantage of the available business opportunities.Information technology, and in particular, the Internet, also plays an important role in furthering the goals of supply chain integration. Goals typically include higher profits and reduced risks for all participants.

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Prof M Jenamani,

faculty convener,

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Prof S P Sarmah,

faculty convener,

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