Event Description
  1. Motor nerve conduction studies including F-wave analysis

  2. Sensory nerve conduction studies including inching techniques

  3. Human reflexes including blink and H-reflex. 

  4. Basic Principles of SFEMG

  5. Jitter measurements

  6. Fiber density measures

  7. Jitter in MG and LEMs

  8. Chemodenervation (EMG - guided Botulinum Toxin therapy)

  9. QEMG, MUNE and Repetitive Stimulation

  10. Special  Neurography Techniques

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Departments That Are Eligible for Participated In this Fest :
  • Medical
  • Cellular Neuroscience
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  • Workshop
  • Workshop-Training

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Dr.Abrahim Kuruvilla,

faculty convener,

contact no: 9447101615 ,

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Medical   Cellular Neuroscience  

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