XUB Sustainability Summit 2018

Event Description

The Global Risks Report-2017 published by the World Economic Forum mentions managing disruptions as one of the major challenges facing the world today. The report indicates that environmental, economic, geopolitical, societal, and technological spheres constitute the landscape of global risks. Technology is radically transforming our world and shaping the risks we face today and therefore among all the risks, the technological risks are perceived to be critical challenge. Emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics is said to be leading the 'Fourth Industrial Revolution' (4IR). The threat of AI programmes replacing humans is assumed to be causing major risks and disruptions. The solution to manage such disruptions can be found in the disruptions caused by societal and technological innovations built on the foundations of sustainability that promote values of symbiotic and sustainable living, minimal natural resource use, mitigating biodiversity stress, designing resilient systems, and bridging societal inequalities. Educational institutions play a significant role in promoting newer sustainability based values, resource efficient models and technological advances. Together, these actions shall take pre-eminence in mitigating emerging global risks as transformational change in the society can happen only through spreading knowledge, information and sustainability oriented values among citizens and especially the younger generation. Besides, involvement of stakeholders including the state, business corporations, educational institutions, international and bilateral development agencies, and civil society is equally essential in order to mitigate the risks caused by the technologies of the 4IR and create a sustainable world connecting People, Planet, Profit, Prosperity and Peace. Taking forward the Jesuit values of environmental justice and peace, Xavier School of Sustainability (XSoS), Xavier University Bhubaneswar (XUB) is organising its' third sustainability summit with the theme "Sustainability Disruptions for Mitigating Global Risks.” The summit will be held during February 9 - 10, 2018 at Xavier University Bhubaneswar, India.

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  • Master of Business Administration
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Ms. Pramila Satpathy,

faculty convener,

contact no: 9040022884,

email-id: pramila@xub.edu.in,

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Dr. Sutapa Pati,

faculty convener,

contact no: 8658490838,

email-id: sutapa.pati@xsos.edu.in,

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Master of Business Administration  

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