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The Open Access Movement For Your Review.

July 20th, 2016 | by Mounika
The Open Access Movement For Your Review.

Recently, I came across a new movement known as the Open Access. Although it has been in effect for the past many years, it is hardly known by the majority of the Indian masses. Scholars have always been known as the seekers of knowledge. They have worked researched tirelessly to bring new technologies to our doorsteps.

Before modernization, the distribution of their knowledge was extremely difficult. Up came the publishers with journals to spread it to a wider audience. It was very effective and science grew phenomenally. Over the past two decades this movement took a drastic turn from the main objective to bring the knowledge researched upfront. The inflation in this field grew massively. Charging for subscriptions grew over 260% more than the comparative 68% in the rest of society. This made the access to scientific literature extremely difficult. With researchers spending government funded projects working dedicatedly for over two years and hardly any of it reaching the audiences intended.

To move to a better stage of life, undergraduates pursue researches. Working around the clock to compile their work and with just the hope to publish it in a major journal. These researched oriented students are plagued with multiple problems. One such problem faced by undergraduates is that they often come across great abstracts for their work but with a tagline to pay for viewing it. Some research materials cost around $30 with no guarantee of it being worthwhile as majority of publishers have a no refund policy. For full time researchers, it may be feasible to pay for it but at the undergraduate level it goes down a big hole. Self funding Rs.10000 minimum with no guarantee of it being productive is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Data mining of copyrighted material was becoming increasingly difficult.The impetus of science generation was gradually dying out.

Here is when the Open Access movement comes in. It was sought after policy makers decided that the knowledge should be distributed to researchers as it was always intended to be. No one bears the right to keep it hidden under the viel of thousands of dollars. Every researcher has always wanted his work to be viewed and cited by hundreds of people. This is in true sense would place scientific exploration back into the hands of the masses.

Open Access is a movement inspired by immediate and unrestricted access to content discovered. This is then followed up by the Open Education and Open Data movements. Overtime these movements have revolutionized the exchange of intellectual among the societies.

Mindset Learn a non governmental initiative changed the way people received information. It started of to educate the less sought after areas in Africa. They featured up to date and easily feasible knowledge on local television network. It was a huge success. Children throughout Africa enjoyed the novel ideologies of the Western world right at their home screens. Sponsorship began rolling from sources far and wide. The movement gradually progressed and the beneficiaries spread far and wide.

The Open Access is one of the fundamental every undergraduate should look into. Hope this short introduction motivates the readers to a far better world that lies ahead of us.

–Written by Pritesh Jadhav.
Grant Medical College in Sir JJ Group of Hospitals 3rd Year.

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