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August 29th, 2016 | by Mounika

“My soul can find no staircase to heaven unless it is through earth’s loveliness”


How would you feel if your cardiologist told you that you had six months to live or till a replacement heart is available? This is what thousands of people are told every day when they are put on a transplant list where they will wait months or maybe years until a suitable replacement is available. What it would feel to know that millions of people are capable of saving your life but no one is willing to do so. Many of the people on the waiting list could have a happy ending but the grim reality is many don’t and many won’t. Any chance of saving them is through an increase in the number of DONATIONS to them.


19 people in India who are alive right now will be dead.

Not because they were in a car accident,

Not because they were gunned down,

Not because their time had come,

Not even because they weren’t in the hospital,

But simply because they couldn’t obtain a transplant in time.


Estimates state that a dead person can save up to 8 lives through transplantation of vital organs and improve up to 50 lives just by providing tissues that would have necrosed in just a day!

Transplant surgeries are life enhancing endeavors and is one of the most phenomenal successes of modern medicine. They are highly successful in modern era with the majority of patients leading just as healthy lives they led before ever getting sick. It is still possible to donate one of your kidneys, a part of liver or a lobe of your lung even when you are alive to anyone in dire need. A heart, two kidneys, two lungs, a pancreas, intestines form the vital organs for donation. Ideally a liver can even be split into multiple parts to save different lives. Whereas tissue donations involving the corneas, blood vessels, skin, heart valves, tendons, bones can dramatically improve the lives of many people.

The six myths about organ donation revolve around fear, misconceptions, age, illnesses, and religion, unfair. Although these are unjustified they hold the reins of many people from stepping up for saving lives.


The act of donation can bring profound meaning to the donor’s life because it not only immediately impacts the recipient but also impacts the life of the loved ones and people surrounding the recipient. It is also comforting for the donor’s family to know that their loss lit the path for many families who would have shared the same fate.

Seems miraculous right, but, the harsh reality of this is that the number of people requiring a vital transplant can fill a major league cricket stadium thrice whereas the donors fall short by many folds. Every number in the statistics is a person waiting or a person worth saving. So remember, when you die you are not dying as a single person but taking up to 50 lives with you. But also known as fellow human being we can gift them a new a life by sharing an organ that was given to us.”


Written By,
Pritesh Jadhav , III/II MBBS
Grant Medical College in Sir JJ Group of Hospitals – Mumbai

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