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Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women

September 13th, 2017 | by Mounika

The first day of the 2017 edition of Kaleidoscope opened with registrations at 12:30 PM. With only 5 events scheduled for the day, Kaleidoscope still
saw a record number of contingents and contestants on campus.Events began at 1:00 PM- with the ‘Electrocuted’ eliminations first up at the Bhabha Hall. Several colleges performed on stage during this first round, results are highly anticipated. Despite facing significant technical challenges during prep, the event both started and ended on time.‘What’s The Scene’, a Literary Arts event was conducted in the AV Back

‘What’s The Scene’, a Literary Arts event was conducted in the AV Back and Front at 2:00 PM. Both rooms had separate scenes, one a murder scene and the other, a birthday party scene, that was to be connected in a story. The judge for the event was Shabnam Minwalla. ‘What’s The Scene’ saw an enthusiastic bunch of participants.Another event that began at 2:00 PM was the elimination round for ‘Open Mic Night’, in the AV Hall. Performances ranged from conventional singing,
beatboxing and more, to one particular contestant playing the keyboard with his forehead. Again, ‘Open Mic Night’ saw a larger participation than
previous years as they are now open to all spoken talent- from singing to
slam poetry.
‘Colloquium’, a Literary Arts event, commenced sharp at 4:00 PM, and was judged and curated by renowned author and film journalist, Jerry Pinto. When asked about his thoughts on the event he said, “Sounds like an interesting way to check the awareness of the contestants as well as their acting skills.”‘Street Football’ was another event that saw a large participation pool- and increasing enthusiasm as the all-male teams started to give way to all-female matches. The teams were numerous enough to extend the matches till the early evening- vigor the name of the game.The first day of Kaleidoscope thus concluded at 7:30 pm and the crowds of participants dispersed, all aiming to comeback to the campus for the finals.

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