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Press Release – Day 5 Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women

September 18th, 2017 | by Mounika
Press Release – Day 5 Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women
Fest & Events

Day 5 of the festival started with anticipation regarding all the events. The contingents were all
focused and geared up and we witnessed an array of events that made the day so exciting.
Street Football started with a bang early morning at 7:00AM! Teams of energetic boys and girls
streamed into the Informals court and began their games with unmatched zest. The players were
competitive as it was the final round and every one tried their hardest.
The next event by team Informals kicked off day 5 of Kaleidoscope Festival
with Mario Go taking place in the Multipurpose Hall at 8:30 am. Described as an ‘obstacle relay
race’, each team, with two participants, has to complete a set of tasks through the race. The event
was split into multiple rounds, with the obstacles ranging from puzzles, word searches, anagrams
to participants acting as human wheel barrows as well as doing frog jumps over their partners.
The team with the least time on the clock won!

Mixed Tape took place in the Bhabha hall. It was one of the perfect events to take place in the
morning as the acoustic music put everyone at ease and in a good mood as today was the final
event. Every performance was powerful, the participants put their best foot forward as they sung
some popular songs and the crowd sang along enthusiastically.
Next for the Fine arts event, Fifty Shades clicked; the marble stairs were full with budding
photographers waiting to showcase their talents and creativity. They were given cutouts which
depict a theme and they had to use those cutouts in their photograph in some way or the other.
Further instructions for the event were given and they left for clicking photographs for the
competition. The event was a three hour long event which made us witness a lot of
photographers clicking pictures around the campus.
On to, the flagship event Dus Ka Tees was the most hilarious and entertaining event of the day.
The storyline for each performance was same; Harry potter has run into the wrong wall and
instead of reaching platform 9 3/4 and getting aboard on the Hogwarts express he has reached
Narnia. When he looks around for help, he stumbles across Oompa Loompas surrounding a dead
Willy Wonka. The Judge of the event was Danish Irani, who himself has been a part of K’scope
during his school and college days. He shared his memories of winning the title of Mr. K’scope
and said,” Dusk ka tees has been my favourite event since college days and it is a delight to
judge the same event. K’scope has changed for better each year.”

Described by our judge Hormuz Ragina as one of the most creative and fun events of
Kaleidoscope Festival (after J.A.M of course), ‘Dub Charades’ was indeed a very
entertaining event to attend. Organised by Team Literary Arts at the AV Hall, the event
was an absolute hit amongst the audience. It was delightful to see participants dub and
recreate muted scenes from famous Bollywood movies. With witty and comical takes on
scenes from movies like ‘Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham’, the
participants along with the audience had a gala time.

Bombay Broadway took place in the Bhabha hall and was an absolute success! It was a fun and
new take on traditional Broadway as it brought in aspects of Cinema and Bollywood. The
audience seemed to love the cinematic references to popular movie culture like ‘High School
Musical’ and ‘Dabangg’.

Colours were flying high at Kabhi Paint Kabhi Brush, a face painting competition hosted by
team Fine Arts. Participants were seen in a state of nervous excitement as they picked chits out
of a bag which would decide the movie they had to take inspiration from. They were given 3
hours, a white chart paper and a hairband to use in their art.

Footloose is a flagship Performing Arts event that took place in the Multipurpose Hall
at 4:00PM! The event saw a multitude of street dance teams ranging from genres like Hip Hop
and Break Dancing to Jazz and Contemporary. The crowd was pleased to hear some vintage
Bollywood songs and some current Jazz and Hip Hop!  The event was an overall success!

Chop Till You Drop was quite a decorated event with Maria Goretti, hosted several TV shows
including Do It Sweet on the NDTV Good Times channel and I Love Cooking on Living Foodz,
as their judge. The event was also covered by @3Foodiots across their social media.  The
contestants were asked to create a twist to traditional filmy snacks such as pop corn or nachos.
The participants seasoned the event just right by toping it off with some scrumptious dishes.

No Strings Attached took place in Room 4 today, and was organised by Team Fine Arts. All the
participants were full of excitement and enthusiasm, to work on their canvas. The theme was
“Horror Films” and all the participants cane up with original, intricate and detailed concepts to
create their masterpiece. There were no delays or glitches and overall the event ran smoothly.

The event ‘Khel Kabbadi’ organized by Team Informals took place at the central lawn. The
freshness of the green grass just bought life to the game. The participants were so competitive
that chosing the winner was difficult. There was a massive crowd to cheer the participants to
give in their best and this is what brought the event to life.

Every year, the K in LAK changes, and this year, it stands for ‘Kuintessential’. The elimination
rounds for the outstation contingents kicked off at 2:00 PM, on Saturday, the 16 th of September,
in Room 3. This Literary Arts event consists of a quiz in the elimination rounds, which seemed
to stump the participants this year. From multiple choice questions to audio-visual content, there

was everything there could have been to test the participants’ knowledge of the most iconic
movies of all time. Everything took place smoothly, and there was an endless amount of energy
from both the organising team and the participants!
Dramebaaz is a performing arts event that took place in the Bhabha hall as this event was a
direct final the participants gave it their all. The event required them to spoof movies; one act did
a spoof of Ranveer Singh and Ranbir Kapoor that left us all in splits. Overall the event went out
smoothly and the audience left with a smile on their faces
JAM outstation elimination round was full of fun and wit. Our ever so cheerful judge Hormuz
Ragina had some interesting topics and fun ideas to boost up the event. Participants showed great
enthusiasm and so did the audience. Despite some delay the event was an overall success.

Behind The Scenes was another Informals event that took place in the MPH with eight power
packed performances.As usual, Back to the Streets did not fail to amaze us this year! With
power-packed performances and an enthusiastic audience, the judges were blown away by the
energy in the MPH. Hosted by Team Informals, BBTS is one of the most anticipated events at
the festival. A 360 degree view of the event really lets you see the fine nuances of every
performance. One of our judges from the Freak N Stylz crew suggested that "the contingents
stick to the rules and the concept of the event." Other than that, they really loved the audience
and the event!
The final event for the day was also the most exciting edition of JAM in K’scope history saw the
return of Hormuz Ragina and other JAM favorites from contingents across the city. Played with
four rounds, the finals incorporated the theme of the festival in very well. One round saw each
contestant to have to present a Bollywood dialogue before raising an objection. JAM also saw
great participation from Sophians in the Audience round. After more than an hour on stage,
Hormuz closed the event with a surprising set of winners.
All of these events ended on a great note, creating greater buzz for the last day of the festival.

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