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Prees Release Day 4:Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women

September 16th, 2017 | by Mounika
Prees Release Day 4:Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women

15 th of September was the fourth but the final day of eliminations. With contestants giving
their best to stick around for the final days we witnessed a bunch of events which has made
the workforce and contingents alike excited for the main days.
Ranging from Bharatanatyam, to Kathak and Oddisi, the dance performances at
‘Nrityanjali’ were electrifying. The first event of the day took place in the Bhabha Hall at
1:00 pm. As the judge, Dr Anonna Guha rightly said, “It was a pleasant surprise to see so
many young people involved in classical dance. The addition of folk dance to the classical
performances was very innovative, and interesting to watch.” Filled with a supportive crowd,
everyone at the Bhabha Hall was absolutely enthralled with the contestants’ portrayal of the
navarasas. From Sita’s Abduction in The Ramayana to Lord Shiva’s Tandava, watching the
participants present a variety of famous mythological stories was a refreshing change in pace
Team Fine Arts’ flagship event, Project K, kicked off today, in association with Team
Informals. The event started at 1:00 pm and was held in Room 31. In this event, participants,
in pairs were expected to design outfits by making compulsory use of garbage bags, with
science fiction films as their theme. On Day 1 of this event, participants were seen chalking
out their outfit ideas and creating blueprints, which were eventually to be sewn into outfits.
Round 1 witnessed soft whispering, intense brainstorming and a surreal outflow of creativity.
Then, Junk-E took place in the Multi Purpose Hall at 3:00 pm. This innovative competition
required participants to make something beautiful and filmy based out of essentially, trash!
All participants created beautiful installations out of simple and unused materials. They used
items like old delivery bags and bottles and turned them into something breath taking.
La La Canvas is Fine Arts event which took place in the Multipurpose Hall, the event began
with 2
songs being played and the artists had to paint their master pieces according to that. The
artists picked
up their brushes and got to work. At the end of the long but exciting 3 hour event the artists
their beautiful work, it was compulsory for them to use some neon colours which
complimented their
canvas’ very well. Overall amidst the quiet room with calming classical music the event was
a joy to

Slam Dunk begun at 3:00 pm at the Informals Court, as soon as the referee blew the whistle,
the players were scrambling to gain vantage. The court hosted 16 enthusiastic teams and 8
intense matches. Team Informals did a great job at making sure that the match stays
undisturbed. Cheers were heard from the audience every time a basket was scored. The spirits
of the players were as high as the basket.

Word Wars, the new relay writing event organised by Team Literary Arts began at 3:00 pm
on the dot in the AV F/B. Round one had the contestants working in pairs to complete a
single a story together without discussing it first. Round two had them play a game of human

snake and ladders, while completing a set of challenges based on film and literature trivia to
help score extra points. The event went on for the next three hours and entries were sent to
judge Rega Jha, editor for Buzzfeed India.
At 4:00 pm the last event for the day was held at the Bhabha Hall. It was full of energy
fuelled by an incredible host of talented participants during ‘Cinematic Orchestra’ presented
by Team Performing Arts. This competition saw participants performing songs which has
made movies, musicals and artists special in our hearts. The audience went from swooning to
the tunes of ‘Can’t Help Falling in Love with You’ to remembering childhood favourites like
‘Beauty and The Beast’. Judged by Anushka Shahani, a famous singer and lyricist who has
sung songs in movies like ‘Half Girlfriend’, this event was thoroughly enjoyed by the
participants and audience alike.

With the eliminations coming to an end we’re sure that the main days of the festival will
witness a great amount of competition but also a lot of fun around the campus.

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