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Press Release – Day 3 Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women

September 16th, 2017 | by Mounika
Press Release – Day 3 Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women
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Day 3 of Kaleidoscope had events ranging from Sprots to Craft with more than anticipated
participation for all the events.
Mixed Tape, out first event for the day was a Performing Arts event, that fulfilled all our Bollywood
dreams! Participants knocked our socks off with their melodious vocals as well as their feet-
tapping instrumentals. The event saw an amazing number of participants who were judged by
none other than vocalist Priyani Vani. The audience did not fail to sing along to their favorite
Bollywood songs. The performance with a beatboxer received a thunderous round of applause at
the Bhabha Auditorium!
Next, organised by Team Literary Arts, was the elimination for “L.A.K- Kuintessential” one of
Kaleidoscope’s flagship events that took place in the AV Front and Back at 2:00 pm. This quiz
event required the participants to answer a questionnaire first, followed by an exciting
audio-visual round. Various dialogues from famous movies were played, along with
short clippings and pictures, and the participants had to guess which films they were
from. ‘Go crazy but stay smart’ line that aptly describes L.A.K; we are very excited for the
next round – an adventurous Treasure Hunt or an insane water balloon fight spread all
throughout the campus!
With their thinking caps on, participants were ready to unleash their inner writer during Script Your
Tales in Room 3 at 2:30 pm. Presented by team Literary Arts and sponsored by Tata Literature
Live, this competition joins two of the most artistic expressions – creative writing and photography.
Participants were given three hours to write a seven minute script and then capture photographs
related to their script from around the Sophia campus. This event was judged by Shefali Balsari
Shah who heads the English department in St. Xavier’s College Mumbai and is also an author at
the The Wire and DNA. Participants with the most gripping script and relatable images were
looked for.
Street Football started at 3:00 pm at the Informals Court with the teams restlessly waiting for the
game to begin. The players of this Informals event kicked with full force and the game had quite a
few spectators. The sunny day and warm weather along with the sportsman’s spirits left everyone
Rang De Canvas is a canvas painting event organised by Fine Arts thy started at 3:00 pm.
Participants had to create and paint their own fantasy creature. From monsers in the moonlit sea
to demigods and skeletons, each participant created stunning pieces of art.
Next, Rolling Pen is a Fine Arts event where participants had to create art out of basic blue and
black ball pens. With an iconic film as their theme, they were expected to design a set, studio or
background for the same, incorporating the college’s signature Spiral Staircase as one of the key
elements. The event that spanned for three hours, was judged by the well known artist, Manish
Ramnekar Ruia.The event commenced at 3:00 pm and witnessed an overwhelming response. “
There seems to be a wide array of talent. Some of them were quite detailed and utterly
impressive!” said Mr. Ruia.
Footloose is a flagship Performing Arts event that took place in the MultiPurpose Hall at 4:00PM.
The event saw a multitude of street dance teams ranging from genres like Hip Hop and Break
Dancing to Jazz and Contemporary. The crowd was pleased to hear some vintage Bollywood
songs and some current Jazz and Hip Hop. The event was an overall success.
Open Mic Night finale took place in the Bhabha Hall at 4:30 pm with 5 talented
performers in the line up it was an event worth watching. With Better Together and Rickshawalli
being the jugdes the event was one which filled the Bhabha Hall with a positive vibe. From mind
blowing beat boxing performances to a magician and a dancer the variation of the event is what kept
it so fun!
When we aksed the judges about the event, they said that they loved they all the performances and
that the performers should continue doing what they do and experiment with their talents as this is
the age when one really finds what they want to pursue in life.

Finally the Round 2 of Mr. & Ms. K took place in the AV Hall, with Hormuz Ragina judging at 5:30 pm.
While the contestant turnout was as strong as before, they performed to a fully packed audience. The
round was primarily a battle of wits- with Hormuz questioning the contestants on everything from
GST to the Kardashians. With responses ranging from well-informed to hilariously abstract, this round
was one for the books.
The spectacular end to Day 3 has left us wanting more. We can’t wait to see more of the
performances tomorrow.

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