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Press Release Day 2 :Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women

September 14th, 2017 | by Mounika
Press Release Day 2 :Kaleidoscope 2017 Sophia College for Women


Day 2 of Kaleidoscope continued with a flurry of particpants who were extremely eager to
participate in all the events.
The first event was Nach Bolly-ye which was in the Bhabha hall at 2:00 PM. The crowd was thrilled
to see the judge, Priyank Sharma. The event saw a wide variety of exciting Bollywood themed
dances, some of them performed the current chart toppers and some were iconic and evergreen
crowd favorites.
JAM or Just a Minute, took place at the AV Front and Back, and the judge Hormuz Ragina,said
“Kaleidoscope festival has one of the best JAM sessions i’ve ever attended.” This year the event was
full of energy, and had a whole lot of new contestants. The innuendos and witty comebacks were
creative and hilarious. The audience were engaged by Hormuz. Overall the event was a raging
success, with a good number of participants and a lively audience.
Spin to Win is a Performing Arts event that took place at the Multi Purpose Hall. The judge for the
event was OMEN who is a renowned DJ from Mumbai. The participants put their best beats forward.
The participation was extremely good with people performing a variation of beats with a twist which
was a Bollywood movie dialogue, since it was the direct finals the Multi Purpose Hall was full of
people cheering for their friends. It was a lovely way to spend a Wednesday afternoon.
Chop Till You Drop was hosted in room 19 and 20 at 3:00pm. The event was judged by Pritina
Shrestha. Participants were given secret ingredients such as sprouts, paneer, white vinegar and the
fall favourite, pumpkin! The participants were very skilled and made amazing dishes such as Hakka
Noodles and Chicken Pochai.
Slam Dunk, a Team Informals event took place at 3pm at the Informals Court. The participants
exhibited great sportsmanship and had the crowd on their toes,managing 35 teams was not an easy
task but Team Informals made it seem effortless, the event gifted the participants a bag full of
memories to take home.
For Better Or For Verse is a Literary Arts event. In this event, participants are given iconic films as
their topics, which have to be converted into poems. The event commenced sharp at 3:30 and went
on for an hour and a half. In the quiet room, participants were seen with their heads bowed, armed
with pens, channeling their favourite visual works of art into a literary masterpiece. The event was
judged by Gauri Sinh who is a renowned author and journalist. Upon completion, a participant
shared his experience stating that, “It was a superbly different task, unlike usual poetry writing
competitions. I found it rather challenging.”
Mr and Ms K is a flagship event by Team Informals which is conducted at the Multi Purpose Hall, the
venue was filled with an an enthusicatic and supportive crowd and the event was a big hit , from
Michael Jackson on roller skates, to Bharatnatyam to Despacito, the participants had a wide array of
talents to showcase. Leaving not only the judges, but also the entire audience completely enthralled
we are definitely looking forward to the next round!
Overall Day 2 of Kaleidoscope witnessed a smooth sail with energetic participation which was fueled
by the celebrity appearances made by Gautam Rode who came on campus to promote his movie
Aksar 2.

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