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Kaleidoscope 2016 | Press Release | DAY 5

September 19th, 2016 | by Mounika
Kaleidoscope 2016 | Press Release | DAY 5

The first main day started off with an early bang.

The finals of Street Football held at the In-formals Court, started at 7:00 am. The audience cheered them on and the game ended well. Purani Jeans’ finals held at the Bhabha hall was a tough competition. The judge Kavita Seth, performed her song “Gehra Ishq” from the movie Neerja for the audience and said that she herself is a learner and the contestants should never stop exploring themselves in terms of music. MarioGo started at 8:00 am the Multi-purpose Hall. It consisted of a team of two people representing one college. It was a fun event and the crowd enjoyed it very much. What’s the Scene? is a flagship event of the Literary Arts team that took place in the AV front/back. The participants were shown a scene and they were supposed to write a fictional piece on it.

Out of Bounds an event conducted by team Fine Arts. Participants were alloted a time of 4-5 hours to complete their task. Naatak Baazi is a dramatic event organised by Performing Arts. It was held at the M.P.H at 11:00 today.

The participants had to incorporate famous Hindi poems into a play.The judge for the event, Varun Garg said, ”Seeing all these powerful performances and knowing it’s delivered by college students, is very incredible. I am amazed with what I saw today.” The flagship event Dusk a Tees was held at the Bhabha Hall and was organised by Performing Arts and started at 12:30 pm.The Judge of the event was Danish Irani said,” Dusk ka tees has been my favourite event since college days and it is a delight to judge the same event.

K’scope has changed for better each year.”

Masterstroke is a flagship event of the Fine Arts team that took place in Room 30. The theme was Painting with ‘Abstraction’. The participants were doing great and creative work with full dedication. Electrocuted was held at the Bhabha Hall at 1:30 pm. It was a fun and electric event. Singer and judge, Clince Varghese, said, “This is my sixth time at K’scope and it only gets better. Hospitality is the nicest to us.” Chop Till You Drop was conducted by Team Informals. The judge for the event was Saransh Goila, when he was asked about Kaleidoscope he said, “It was interesting to see so many good stalls and to have a cooking event is quite amazing.” Shipwreck’d was aLiterary Arts event, where participants were given a character they had to imagine themselves as and defend, in the form of a debate under a simulation. A seemingly simple event involved a lot of wits and presence of mind.

Kabaddi had its finals today, the first main day of K’scope. It was a 5-on-5 kabaddi event. The event started at 3:00 pm at the central Lawn of the college. Kabaddi is an Informals event and all Informals events were sponsored by Boday canvas, Little door, Deora design and Chemistry. Pitch Slapped, the finals of an accapella event was held at the AV Hall at 11:00 am. The finals were judged by Raaga Trippin’ said,” We love that people from as far as Goa are here to perform at the festival, they see it as an opportunity to grow and they take it.”

The Footloose finals took place in the Multi Purpose Hall and was conducted by Performing Arts. The participants showed a great spirit and even cheered on for the other colleges. The dances were a mix of various genres, the songs were the latest chart topping numbers. All in all the event was a great success The last event of the day was our very famous JAM. It was hosted by our favourite Hormuz Ragina. The last of the fabulous event, ended with a trust round in which students of Sophia were invited on stage for impromptu participation of the event.

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