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Kaleidoscope 2016 | DAY 2 – Press Release

September 14th, 2016 | by Mounika
Kaleidoscope 2016 | DAY 2 – Press Release

Kaleidoscope 2016 just got bigger and better on their 2nd Day of the eliminations. The day was exhilarating as four events were taking place simultaneously at different campus locations. Bollynritya, a Bollywood dance event, kicked off with pulsating performances. From ‘Disco Dancer’ to ‘Kaala Chashma’ the contestants grooved to an assortment of songs, spanning across different eras of Bollywood. The event witnessed some jaw-dropping moments, one was the dramatic entry made by a contestant on a hover board. His effortless maneuvering of the hover board, coordinated with perfect expressions left the audience awe-struck. While the dancers were performing at Bhabha Hall, the AV hall was engulfed in fun and frolic. The Open Mic Night had its contestants performing various genres of music. The judge for the event, Tushar Lall is a YouTube sensation with over 5 million views. His expertise added more enthusiasm in the event. The players at Slam Dunk, a basketball event, were seen warming-up, practicing their moves and discussing their agenda. The teams were agile and the opponents were defensive. The referee, Ayaz Ansari praised Kaleidoscope for its organization and complimented the teams for the healthy competition seen among the teams.


Mr. and Ms. Kaleidoscope is one of the flagship events of the festival where the participants showcase their talents. Nandesh Sandhu, the judge for the event said, “I have been here before as well and it feels good to be back. When I was in college I used to visit K’scope but coming here as a judge feels different. It is not about winning or losing, it is about the courage that the participants gather to come up on the stage to showcase their talent.” LA Kountries is the flagship event of the Literary Arts events. The theme for the event was Kountries. While the first round of event was a pictorial round, the second round involved a questionnaire related to countries. In one of the Literary events, Twist your Tales, each team was given three chits with a protagonist, antagonist and a setting. A new event, introduced by Fine Arts, ‘Ka Pow Ka Pop’ challenged the art enthusiasts who were given the topic of a sitcom, 70% of which should be typography and 30% was art. The event witnessed a good participation.  

Overall, Day 2 of Kaleidoscope 2016 witnessed a great turnout. The events began as scheduled and the participants showed great sportsmanship.  The day ended with Electrocuted, a band event which left its audience and participants both with the excitement of the days to come.

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