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September 16th, 2016 | by Mounika


The Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChE) was created to provide a nurturing environment for the application of

Chemical Engineering and its allied sciences, and the students of the IIChE-TSEC chapter embody the ideals the IIChE stands

for. From organizing Industrial Visits, to training students to persue their own technical papers, the IIChE-TSEC has left no stone

unturned in its efforts to nurture some of the brightest minds in Chemical Engineering today.

ChEMERGENCE'16 organized by IIChE-TSEC is a platform for undergraduate Chemical Engineers on 1st and 2nd October


COOL IT TO WIN IT (Cooling tower design)

With huge reactors playing a crucial role in any industry, Cooling tower is therefore one of the important units for cooling heated

sites. ChEMERGENCE 2016 gives an opportunity to propose and design a feasible model of this. The towers need to be natural

draft and not forced convection.


ChEMERGENCE has always helped it’s compatriots by giving them an industrial exposure. ChEMERGENCE 2016 is all set to

host it’s ChemX lecture series.Lecture series on new technological developments in industries will be given by renowned

personalities. So be ready to drown in immense sea of knowledge.

HEATX (Heat exchanger design)

Bored of theoretically solving heat exchanger design? Well,IIChE-TSEC in association with Chemical Dept of TSEC gives an

opportunity to show design skills at ChEMERGENCE 2016.Get a chance to design a semi-batch heat transfer equipment.

Participants in group of three are expected to design the model.


Explaining a concept to group of friends is an easy task but presenting same to panel of experts is difficult. IIChE-TSEC in

association with Chemical Dept of TSEC has taken an initiative to train participants at ChEMERGENCE 2016 through it’s event

“PrePln”.It is a Seminar which will give key tips and tricks regarding interviews.

Canvas Carnival (Poster Presentation)

If creativity and striving for technical excellence is your passion then be part of “Canvas Carnival”at ChEMERGENCE

2016.Participants are expected to manifest their ideas on canvas and elaborate key points to panel of expert judges. Please adhere

to rules and regulations while designing your poster.

Chemical Cryptics (Chemical quiz)

Do you love answering puzzles related to chemical engineering, then be a part of ChEMERGENCE 2016. Cryptics at

ChEMERGENCE 2K16 will pose mind blogging questions to participants. Those who survive the test time and are able to

answer this witty questions will be winners. Participants in a pair and complying to all rules and regulations is mandatory.


By now, we all must have studied the theoretical design of a reactor which constitutes the heart of any chemical industry…But,

have we ever realised what effect a kinetically misinterpreted reaction and the resulting irrational reactor has on the economics of

any industry?

IIChE-TSEC in association with the Chemical Engineering Department of TSEC has given this opportunity to each one of you

where you can actually Crave for Conversion…An initiative where you can actually design your own miniature reactor and

revolutionise the area of reaction kinetics…

Participants in a group of three ought to design an efficient yet a compact working model of a reactor for a given reaction…

They should also be well versed with the kinetics of the reaction as some interesting surprises will be awaiting them on the


So, sit with your calcis,  calculate the yield and convert your efforts into success because the More the X, the Merrier is the

Next… Use of electrically and mechanically propelled agitators is permitted.


Has the Chemistry Lab always been your speciality? It's now time you solve this chemistry of salts…IIChE-TSEC in association

with the Chemical Engineering Department continues with its generic event "The Salt Act" at Chemergence 2016…Salt Act

:Participants in a pair will first have to prove their merit by facing a preliminary round that will grant them access to the final

round…Help Books will then be provided along with a limited amount of salt with unknown composition that you need to

interpret..Speed, Accuracy and Precision are the three ladders that will help you reach your goal…

OF NUTS AND BOLTS (Project exihibition and competition)

Have you ever thought of revolutionizing the world with your love for nuts and bolts. At Chemergence 2016, we have a tailor

made event only for you…IIChE-TSEC in association with the Department of Chemical Engineering presents to you its flagship

event titled "Of Nuts and Bolts – The Project Exhibition Cum Competition" Ranging from to explicit heat exchangers to

complicated reactors and ideas that will drive the world, this event will encompass every field that Influences human life only to

make It bigger and better…Participants in a group of four will have to present the manifestation of their ideas…

PRESENT THE UNPERCEIVED (Technical Paper presentation)

Albert Einstein once said, "Logic will get you from A to Z; Imagination will get you Everywhere…"IIChE-TSEC in association

with the Chemical Engineering Dept of TSEC gives all budding chemical  engineers an opportunity to discover the undiscovered

at its very own Technical Paper Presentation titled "Present the UnPerceived" at Chemergence 2016.The papers presented may

reflect out of the box thinking or a minute detail that is not perceived by millions of individuals…

Participants in a group of three should present their own invention and leave the esteemed panel of judges and the audience

fascinated with their technical and linguistic abilities.!"…

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