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ELAN-IIT Hyderabad successfully completed their first workshop (Haptics Robotic Arm)

September 14th, 2016 | by Mounika
ELAN-IIT Hyderabad successfully completed their first workshop (Haptics Robotic Arm)
After the success of the first workshop (Haptics Robotic Arm), ELAN-IIT Hyderabad is conducting its 2nd workshop on ETHICAL HACKING .
Ethical Hacking Workshop – A workshop on one of the most promising sectors of software security on 17th & 18th September by Mr. Mahesh Rakheja.
Mr. Mahesh Rakheja is techniche public speaker who specializes  in the topic of ethical hacking. IIT Hyderabad has been conducting his workshops regularly for the past 2-3 years with excellent feedback from the participants.

  • Venue : IIT Hyderabad ( Kandi Campus )
  • Dates : 17th and 18th September, 2016
  • Duration : 16 Hours ( 8 Hours per day )
  • Charges : INR 1200/- per head ( Lunch included )


To Register  click HERE
Accommodation Available, for details click HERE
What are the contents of the workshop :
  • Hacking strategies, methods & basic steps.
  • Controlling, removal and analysis of Trojans/viruses using Antivirus.
  • Google Hacking, Phishing attacks and malwares.
  • Wireless hacking & security of routers, cracking passwords.
  • Mobiles, e-mail and social media hacking, countermeasures.

Visit us at :

To know more about Mr. Mahesh Rakheja click HERE
P.S. Onspot registrations are available, but seats are limited so register online soon !

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