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Atharv 2018 Management & Cultural Festival in IIM Indore

June 22nd, 2018 | by Mounika
Atharv 2018  Management & Cultural Festival in IIM Indore
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Ever thought about glorifying yourself with exuberant talents in a big stage or have you ever dreamt of getting featured in the huge canvas circumscribing the boulevard? If yes, then this September, it’s time for you to hit the streets and experience the wide festive colours coming into life in the form of Atharv’18, the cultural and management fest of IIM Indore.

And these wide colours have been clubbed into the primaries of Cultural and Manlit events, appending the high octane competitive fun into them. The Cultural Events of Atharv include a wide variety of exhilarating competitions that have a place for everyone’s talent. These events are your destination if you want to experience crazy competition along with fun, glamour and lots of excitement, added to a golden opportunity of facing the best. If you think you are worthy of the Dance throne, we have Bailar and Verve for you, and if you’re ready for a music battle, join us with Crescendo and Delirium.

Gear up your gamer with Permadeath (LAN Gaming event) and accredit your pop culture knowledge (Clash of Cults). Also speak out loud with Halla Bol (Street Play) and get the best moments captured through the photography and film-making competitions (iSO and Vignette). Finally, with the most glamorous event of all, Vanity, walk the ramp and crown yourself as the best.

On the other side, the Management-Literary (ManLit for short) events encompass a wide variety of Management Avenues and Literary Competitions of all sorts. Events like Headhunter-The HR Event, Avant Garde- The B-Plan Comp , Chaitanya- The Leadership Event, E-Conjecture (Economics based Quizzes and Cases), Finopoly- Mock Trading,Imperium- Case Study Compt tests you in the core management areas of Finance, Economics, Entrepreneurship, OB & HR while keeping creative and fun injunctions.Events like Devil’s Advocate is a unique take on Legal Trial and Moot Court and takes you through a real-world simulation of artistic and creative thoughts. Apart from that, there is Pragnya- The Biz Quiz, which is a tough test for prodigies. Calling out to the Jordan Belfort in you is Vendition Vendetta- The Sales and Marketing Communication event. Also, the widely mysterious and ever-changing competition Game of Shadows which is inherently based on John Nashs famous Game Theory is another gem in the crown of Events Manlit @Atharv.

Speaking about our Flagship event, The InterVarsity (IV) Debate, IIM Indore is the most prestigious of them all and draws out the elite crowd of debaters and adjudicators all over India in the showdown of Wit, Flair and Knowledge coupled with convincing and sound arguments to win over them all and take home prizes worth INR 60K.So, come to be a part of this myriad of these events and take a dive into the colours of euphoria, at Atharv 2018 at IIM Indore from 7th- 9th September 2018. And to stare yourself in the September sellout, follow the link below.

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